What Mark Cuban’s Smartphone Can Teach You About Success

mark cuban cell phone

Recently, a reporter asked billionaire Mark Cuban a simple question that revealed quite a bit about both Cuban’s personality as well as offering some insight into the secrets of his success. That question? What apps do you have on your smartphone?

Now, you might think a guy who has to monitor a massive amount of data on a daily basis would have an equally large number of apps to help manage all that work. Not so. The first lesson we can learn from Cuban on this score transcends all markets and industries…

Keep It Simple. In the interview, Cuban even tells the reporter that he actively avoids having too much on his phone. He only wants apps that can help him get his work done or remind him what’s most important. Games? Nope. Busywork? Nope. Simple, functional and scaled back. No fluff.

Focus on usefulness. When you are on the go as a business professional, you may think you need everything close to hand. Not so. Trying to carry around all of your work – just because you can – becomes an inescapable trap. Instead of having what you need to optimize your time, you find yourself drawn to options that detract from getting what’s Most Important Right Now done before you move on to something else. You have enough interruptions in your life. Scale back, compartmentalize and keep your focus on what is most useful at that given moment.

Eliminate distractions. This is a huge danger of carrying a computer around in your pocket. Who hasn’t found themselves getting lost on YouTube or social media a time or two? Now multiply those potential distractions by the number of possible gaming and entertainment apps that exist. The list – and thus the potential for distraction – is endless. Don’t try to avoid those distractions. Eliminate them completely by limiting what you keep on your phone.

Don’t lose yourself. One of the apps Cuban carries is his favorite photo organizing app. That might seem fairly egalitarian for a billionaire, but Cuban is a guy who’s not afraid to be a guy and to keep what’s important to him close. Staying grounded is vital to any ladder climbing success story. You need people close to you who will keep you honest and pop your ego when you let that bubble get a little too big.

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