Healing Partnership Seeks Public Relations and Communications Services

The 10.27 Healing Partnership (the Organization), which is fiscally sponsored by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh (the JCC), is requesting proposals for planning, coordination and implementation of its public relations services, media outreach and social media strategy. The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to select a qualified vendor who will support the ongoing work of the Organization and solidify its role as a destination for healing and wellness in response to the October 27, 2018 shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue. In addition, the communications scope includes the multifaceted and ongoing community response to this event as well as the impact of hate related violence in Pittsburgh and elsewhere.

The prospective vendor replying to this RFP will be or represent a firm, company or corporation possessing relevant experience and expertise. Supporting documentation must thoroughly describe how the vendor has supplied expertise for similar contracts and work related to planning, coordination, and implementation of public relations and communications, and how vendor would approach the projects outlined in the Scope of Work. Proven experience in health and wellness marketing/public relations and working with community-based organizations is recommended. Understanding the unique needs of The 10.27 Healing Partnership as a hybrid of a non-profit and an ongoing campaign is desired.


In the aftermath of the October 27th shooting, the United States Attorney’s Office of Western Pennsylvania convened a committee of representatives from across the community to begin coordinating Pittsburgh’s response to the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history. Organizations participating on this committee included the City of Pittsburgh, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Tree of Life * Or L’Simcha Congregation, Dor Hadash, New Light Congregation, Center for Victims, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, Jewish Family & Community Services (JFCS) and the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh (the JCC). Within its first few months and with the assistance of the Office of Victims of Crime, the committee did a preliminary assessment of community needs and determined that, as has been the case in several other instances following a mass violence event, a Resiliency Center would most effectively help those directly impacted heal from the short- and long-term physical, mental and emotional wounds inflicted by the event. In April 2019, the 10.27 Healing Partnership was launched with a mission to foster a sense of community well-being by providing opportunities for reflection, support, and connection for individuals and their loved ones impacted by the October 2018 attack and others who experience hate-induced trauma.

Scope of Work:

The selected vendor will lead the direction, management, coordination and production of the project, working in conjunction with the 10.27 Healing Partnership, its communications committee, JCC, JFCS, and Jewish Federation in addition to the three affected congregations and their PR firms. The 10.27 Healing Partnership’s public relations and communications strategy will meet the following objectives:

· Actively seek out opportunities to help to promote the messages of healing, being a community that takes care of those most directly impacted as well as the greater community, and ways to remain trauma informed in communications. 

· Manage media relations both proactively and reactively when there is an event that necessitates a response from the 10.27 Healing Partnership.

· Maintain a fresh and relevant website with supportive information for the greater community to empower all through healing journeys.

· Manage social media channels for the center that will demonstrate unique content and establish a platform for a dialog within the community and beyond related to healing after a mass casualty event.

· Create videos that are able to promote the messages of being, trauma informed communities, and maintaining a victim centric view point.

· Create graphic materials that are able to appropriately reflect the work we do.

The proposal should focus on addressing the vendor’s ability to provide the services outlined in the Scope of Work. Please provide the following:

1. Cover Letter: A letter signed by an officer of the firm, company or corporation, binding the firm/company/corporation to all comments made in the proposal. Include a primary contact person for the proposal.

2. Qualifications and Experience: Provide a description of the history, experience, and qualifications of your firm/company/corporation to perform the Scope of Work. Please include: (i) Resumes and biographies of all principals assigned to the project; (ii) List of capabilities corresponding to the Scope of Work; (iii) List of similar/relevant projects your firm/company/corporation has undertaken including results achieved; (iv) Two references from similar projects your firm/company/corporation has undertaken.

3. Approach to Scope of Work: Provide a detailed description of the deliverables and services provided to accomplish the Scope of Work.

4. Service Timeframes: a. Provide a detailed description of the services to be performed by the vendor based on the Scope of Work. 5. Project Cost: Provide detailed costs for the services to be performed by the vendor based on the Scope of Work.

Due Date:

August 11


Maggie Feinstein, 10.27 Healing Partnership

Maggie Feinstein, Director, 10.27 Healing Partnership, 5738 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. Proposals can also be emailed to mfeinstein@1027healingpartnership.org

Agencies worth considering include Headline Media and Hunter PR.

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