Reevemark: Crisis PR Agency


Founded in 2018 by experienced public and investor relations pros, Reevemark has grown into an award-winning strategic communications firm specializing in financial communications support and counsel. The New York-based agency specializes in crisis management, reputational matters, litigation, regulatory issues, corporate governance, shareholder activism, corporate positioning, and investor relations.

Developing and implementing tailored public and investor relations programs, Reevemark employs diverse communication channels to reach its target audience. Among these communication channels are employee and shareholder communication, traditional media, and digital and social media.

Based on the idea of serving clients with big agency expertise in a boutique setting, the agency has key aspects that have helped it double in size – to 14 full-time employees – since it was founded.

Outstanding Leadership

#1. Brandy Bergman, CEO & Founding Partner

Bergman brings 20+ years of experience advising private companies, public corporations, professional services firms, high-profile individuals, non-profits, and educational organizations on various strategic communications issues. Top on Bergman’s specialty list is reputation management, litigation, defense planning, proxy fights, mergers and acquisitions, corporate positioning, and executive transitions.

Additionally, Bergman has also advised clients on media and investor relations issues like earnings warnings, product recalls, cyber-attacks, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and a variety of other regulatory proceedings.

#2. Hugh L. Burns, Founding Partner

With over 20 years of experience, Burns is a pro in developing and implementing marketing and communication programs for acquisitions, mergers, and corporate governance issues. Burns has expertise in litigation support, executive changes, proxy contests, corporate positioning, and shareholder activist defense.

Having worked with clients in various industries, including real estate, retail, energy, finance, and technology, Burns leans on his experience as a lawyer to provide exceptional knowledge on strategic and corporate financial communication issues 

#3. Paul Caminiti, Founding Partner

With more than 20 years experience under his belt, Paul Caminiti has mastered the art of advising boards, high-profile individuals, and key management teams on communication issues that surround value-determinative issues. With the extensive experience, Caminiti works closely with clients to develop and deploy strategies and messages that help key teams navigate complex corporate issues.

Having practiced law at a Manhattan-based litigation boutique and having chaired the Compensation and Marketing/Business Development Committees at Sard Verbinnen, Caminiti offers invaluable counsel on crises and unsolicited advances.

Recently, Caminiti secured a position on the list of top 15 financial communications experts, compiled by Business Insider. Experts were selected based on their clients’ caliber, assignments handled, revenue growth, and other factors.

#4. Delia Cannan, Founding Partner

With close to two decades of strategic communications and investor relations, Cannan provides unmatched counsel on various issues. Top among these issues are mergers and acquisitions, activist investor agitation, litigation, and public offerings.

Cannan also helped clients develop and implement goal-oriented investor and media relations. The communication pro’s specific expertise includes creating investment messaging and theses and creating customized outreach approaches for key stakeholders.

#5. Renée Soto, Founding Partner

For close to 15 years, Soto has offered unmatched communications advice to individuals and corporations facing multifaceted challenges.

Having founded a consultancy agency named Sotocomm, Soto has mastered strategic communication, creating and implementing programs on shareholder activism, transformative corporate transactions, and highly-sensitive litigations.

As well, Soto’s practice has enabled her to hone the design and implementation of positioning campaigns, helping companies manage their reputations, improve their profiles, and assist companies facing regulatory investigations, reputational issues, and other sensitive matters.

Practice Areas

Reevemark’s practice areas include crisis reputation, corporate transactions, media investor relations, shareholder activism, bankruptcies and restructuring, and litigation and regulatory matters.

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