DUE DATE: The Pasco County Purchasing Department will receive responses until 1:30 P.M., local time, (our clock) on Tuesday October 31, 2023.



Experience Florida’s Sports Coast is seeking a qualified full service or specialized advertising/creative design strategist/marketing/media buying partner to expand the Experience Florida’s Sports Coast brand and promote visitation to Experience Florida’s Sports Coast and Pasco County, Florida. Experience Florida’s Sports Coast is a Destination Management Organization (DMO) under the local government of the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners, funded by the Tourist Development Tax Revenue.

The mission of Experience Florida’s Sports Coast is “to promote and develop the county’s visitor brand experiences for sustainable economic growth and quality of place.”

This Request for Proposals (RFP) aims to seek and retain an agency or agencies to work with the Experience Florida’s Sports Coast marketing team in planning, developing, and executing marketing programs in domestic and international markets.

The County reserves the right to award the services specified herein to multiple vendors based on the County’s best interests. Responses will only be considered from those firms demonstrating the expertise and experience specified in this request. Specifically, firms must have proven tourism experience working with Destination Management Organizations.

All proposals will be carefully reviewed and evaluated as set forth in this solicitation. The initial scope of work contained within this RFP will begin upon execution of an agreement by Experience Florida’s Sports Coast and continue through September 30, 2026. This contract also includes two optional one-year additional terms, to be exercised at the discretion of Experience Florida’s Sports Coast.


The purpose of this RFP is to seek and retain a qualified advertising agency or agencies to develop a strong media and creative brand strategy that promotes Experience

Florida’s Sports Coast tourism. The results of these efforts will benefit the destination by increasing tourism revenue and, on a larger scale, increasing the employment base for Pasco County.


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For each of the following project areas, the Proposer should prove capability; specifically, by describing strategies to be used and quality controls. Sufficient detail must be given and must include examples of past projects, ability to meet deadlines, and managerial experience. The Proposer should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a brand in a global marketplace, and the shifting dynamics of how consumers consume and use information today. Proposers should include their responses to the below project areas in Tab E.

o Strategic Planning: Provide us an “insider’s look” at your strategic account planning process. What goes into the development of a plan? What type of research do you do?

o Advertising Campaign Development and Assets Onboarding: Demonstrate how your agency develops a holistic approach to client brand advertising, integrating interactive, including social, into the overall strategy. Include how your media planning has changed due to barriers affecting the traditional frequency and reach.

o Media Planning & Buying: Provide us with your process in deciding where, when, and how to purchase media. What tools or analytics do you use? What are the determining elements that make your purchasing decisions? Optimization strategy?

Co-op Strategy? Give us an overview of your philosophy as it relates to planning and buying media domestically, for a DMO and destination of our size.

o Research & Analytics: Provide an overview of how you determine success. What are the analytic tools or services that you use, and what type of information will you be reporting back to Experience Florida’s Sports Coast as it relates to meeting our creative objectives? Please define how your analytics can be converted into insights, and how the insights will help guide us in making decisions on how we market in the future.

o Creative Design Strategy: Please explain how your creative design processes work with a timeline from start to finish. Please also provide examples of what creative design would look like for the Florida’s Sports Coast brand.

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