City Riverside Missouri Issues Website RFP

2020-02-27 by EPR Staff
City Riverside Missouri Issues Website RFP
City Riverside Missouri Issues Website RFP

The City of Riverside, Missouri is seeking proposals for web design, content management system and hosting services to assist and guide the City in the redesign of the City’s public facing website:

Interested vendors should propose a solution that addresses the following goals and minimum requirements.

Project Goals

To create a website that:

  • Is presented in a clean layout that positively represents the City and that is easy to use with intuitive navigation;
  • Provides citizens, visitors and businesses easy access to information relating to City services, public meetings, public documents, community resources and economic development opportunities;
  • Integrates tightly with current and future emerging technologies (i.e. social media and mobile devices);
  • Provides for or integrates with a third party vendor for the submission of City forms / applications to improve customer service and staff workflow;
  • Is dynamic and is implemented through a content management system (CMS) which is easy and intuitive for City staff to use and update;
  • Is reliable and available 24/7 (see Attachment A, Hosting, Site Availability, Hardware / Software Requirements);
  • Meets ADA standards for accessible design (see Attachment B for ADA design standards).

Through a maintenance agreement, the successful vendor will provide the City with troubleshooting and support which should be available during normal business hours (8 am to 5 pm Central time). Requests for support should be available with a minimum response time target of two (2) hours or less.


The City of Riverside has a population of approximately 3,000, with a dynamic local business community that employs approximately 4,000 people. The city is also home to Park Hill South High School with a staff and student population of nearly 2,000 and the Argosy Casino, Hotel & Spa. Riverside is minutes from downtown Kansas City, Missouri with convenient access to the entire two-state metro area. Quick access to both the Kansas City International and Downtown Airports along with proximity to Interstates 29, 35, 70 and 635 and State Routes 9 and 169 supports the city’s growing residential and business community. For more information about the City of Riverside and the surrounding area, the following websites are available for review when preparing a proposal:

Scope of Work:

Interested vendors should prepare a response that includes the following information presented in the following order:

  • A cover letter that introduces the company and clearly identifies the contact person for the proposal.
  • A project approach narrative that discusses how the vendor would address the project goals.
  • An explanation of the CMS and its capabilities specifically relating to the project’s minimum requirements.
  • A sample project timeline with milestones assuming a June 1, 2020 project award.
  • Qualifications and experience on similar website design projects, including at least three references from clients within the past five years, with contact name, phone number, and email address.
  • A fee proposal, which includes

o Design and Deployment Phase – including anticipated hours per task and hourly rates

o Annual hosting / maintenance costs

o Any other costs necessary to complete the project

Proposal Requirements – Alternate No. 1

The City will consider awarding a secondary project to redesign and host a website for the Riverside Chamber of Commerce. The City’s desire is for the Chamber website to have a distinct look and feel but to leverage the CMS and to integrate with calendar and other City website features.

A fee proposal, which includes

o Design and Deployment Phase – including anticipated hours per task and hourly rates

o Annual hosting / maintenance costs

o Any other costs necessary to complete the project.

Due Date:

March 6, 2020


City Clerk

City of Riverside 2950 NW Vivion Road

Riverside, Missouri 64150

Relevant agencies worth considering include Zeno Group and Hunter PR.