Marketing RFP Issued By Middle Atlantic Swimming

Marketing RFP Issued By Middle Atlantic Swimming
Marketing RFP Issued By Middle Atlantic Swimming

Our Mission: Middle Atlantic Swimming advocates the growth and development of a diverse swimming community through education, innovation and a commitment to excellence.

Our Vision: Strong leaders. Innovative Coaches. Fast Swimming

Our Values: Middle Atlantic strives to promote a safe, positive environment while providing competitive opportunities for members of all ages and abilities. We value integrity, fairness, leadership, innovation, and creativity.

A Tradition of Excellence: Of the 200 clubs awarded by the USA Swimming Excellence Program in 2018, 12 were from MA Swimming – Of over 3,000 USA Swimming clubs, 25 of the top 500 are part of Middle Atlantic Swimming.  Middle Atlantic Swimming has also had one athlete on each Olympic team since 1952.

Middle Atlantic Swimming, Inc, in an effort to increase awareness of the organization and the sport of swimming within its borders, has released a marketing and promotion Request for Proposals. The RFP details what Middle Atlantic is looking to achieve as well as a timeframe for the partnership. Middle Atlantic would like to receive proposals by February 29, 2020 and formally enter into an agreement beginning April 1, 2020. Marketing and promotion firms from inside and outside of the Middle Atlantic LSC are welcomed to submit proposals.


Middle Atlantic Swimming is the fifth largest of 59 Local Swimming Committees (LSC’s) of USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport of swimming in the United States. Middle Atlantic oversees the sport of swimming for 145 clubs, 12,500 athletes, 1,475 full and part-time coaches, and other volunteers in the area defined as Pennsylvania east of State College (including Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Allentown and Scranton), New Jersey south of Ft. Dix (including Camden and Cherry Hill), and the entire state of Delaware (Wilmington, Newark, Dover). The LSC has a permanent office, three full-time employees, one part-time employee, a website, Twitter account, and Facebook account. A Middle Atlantic swimmer (either current or developed) has made every Olympic team since 1956.

Middle Atlantic Swimming seeks proposals from marketing and/or public relations firms for a partnership to increase awareness and media exposure of the organization, it’s clubs, athletes, coaches, and volunteers.

Scope of Work:

Objectives of the Marketing Partnership

1) Internal promotion: develop a better understanding within our current membership of what Middle Atlantic is,

what it does, and why it exists.

2) Develop more innovative means of information distribution as well as maximize all current forms in use

currently (website, email, Facebook, and Twitter).

3) Develop a template for news submission focusing on swimming highlights, volunteer highlights, and meet write

ups (club attended, club hosted, and championship hosted).

4) Develop human interest stories and spotlight pieces about swimmers, coaches, clubs, and volunteers for

broader consumption inside and outside of Middle Atlantic. Number per month to be agreed upon between


5) Develop a means of educating clubs as to how they can distribute content to their local news outlets as they see


6) Analyze our current engagement metrics for email, website, Twitter, and Facebook and recommend ways to

increase engagement within and outside of the organization.

Due Date:

 February 29, 2020


Relevant agencies worth considering include Small Girls PR and Alison Brod PR.

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