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On the same day that the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science closed their Miami location, they issued a request for proposal to hire a PR firm for their new location. The very definition of every ending marks a new beginning.

The Museum – formerly known as the Miami Science Museum – will re-oped together with the new Pérez Art Museum Miami in 2016.

The museum is one of six that have won the National Medal for Museum and Library Service.

And there is good reason for them to seek a PR agency, as according to their RFP, key components of the new Frost Science include:

1) The Living Core Aquarium, spanning three floors, a planetarium, and approximately 30,000 sf of indoor and outdoor science exhibits.

2) The Baptist Health People and Science Gallery where individuals can explore the science between healthy living and their bodies through exercise, diet, sleep.

3) Feathers to the Stars, a permanent exhibit that will showcase the evolution and development of flight on Earth by taking visitors on a journey from dinosaurs and prehistoric birds, to modern day aircraft, to the future of spaceflight.

4) The River of Grass, a fully immersive and interactive wonderland for small children, is a permanent exhibition exploring the animals and environment of the Everglades in daylight and darkness.

5) Innovation Center, both a destination and inventor’s space for bold ideas and new products over five floors, including a ground floor Innovation Café, demonstrating best practices in culinary sustainability, with indoor and outdoor seating with views of Museum Park.

6) Frost Planetarium, a full dome, wraparound environment that will take visitors to the outer edges of the universe, the innermost reaches of the human body, the deepest trenches of the ocean and more.

They seek a firm from now until the launch – and the “PR agency will be responsible for developing and executing a high-energy, high-impact public relations launch campaign and pro-active media outreach strategy that secures coverage in key target markets domestically and internationally, as well as enhances the visibility and perception of the museum in the local and international community.”

Among the scope for the firm:

Communication Services:

  • Develop, execute and manage a creative, strategic and impactful communications campaign that will guide the museum’s concept, launch and introduction into the marketplace and effectively define the unique positioning of the facility, maximize publicity, and enhance overall visibility of the museum and its new exhibits, events and related offerings. This will be accomplished utilizing a variety of PR tactics to support sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Facilitate drafting & distribution of all press materials.
  • Develop quarterly timelines/plans to ensure coverage is strategically spaced out over time for the purposes of building momentum, maintaining media connectedness, and reinforcing the museum’s key messages to targeted audiences via multiple media outlets and repeat exposure.
  • Coordinate media attendance and management at events.
  • Raise the Frost Science profile and establish the Frost Science senior staff, donors and supporters prominently among key influencers, and regional and national media including trade, consumer, travel, lifestyle, and business publications.
  • Ongoing press outreach may include exhibit announcements, museum programming (Summer Camp, special offers), board appointment announcements, new hires, etc.

Interested parties are urged to contact Paola Villanueva at

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