Washington State Housing Finance Commission Issues Creative Services RFP


Washington State Housing Finance Commission Issues Creative Services RFP


The Washington State Housing Finance Commission (“the Commission”) intends to contract with a firm to provide graphic design, marketing and branding, photography/videography and writing services.


The Commission was created in 1983 as a financing conduit to make affordable housing available throughout the state of Washington through the use of mortgage revenue bonds. The Commission was given additional authority to issue non-recourse revenue bonds for cultural and social service projects and to issue bonds for beginning farmer/ranchers and energy projects. The Commission also allocates the federal housing tax credits for the state of Washington. To date, the Commission has financed the development of more than 116,313 rental apartments, more than 67,000 home loans, 170 nonprofit facilities, and dozens of financing’s for energy and startup farms and ranches.

Scope of Work:

Graphic Design, Layout and Production:

  1. Develop visual themes and branding that can be applied to a wide variety of media.
  2. Work with the Communications Manager, Commission staff, and other contractors to collaboratively develop creative approaches to publications and other outreach efforts.
  3. Develop graphic elements that support a cohesive visual theme for the Commission and that can be integrated into the website, social media and other non-print uses.
  4. Design and lay out various print publications, including:
  • The Commission’s Annual Reports
  • The Executive Director’s Newsletter (“My View”)
  • Promotional and marketing materials for the Commission in general and for specific divisions and programs within the Commission
  • Other reports, publications and printed materials identified by the Commission.
  1. Coordinate printing by setting specifications, soliciting bids from print firms, and helping Commission staff to analyze and choose a print firm. Act as the point of contact with the printer to see print jobs through to completion.
  2. Develop timelines for preparation and production of the above pieces, as requested.
  3. Update the Commission’s graphic and brand standards.
  4. Design and execute all assigned graphic production processes during each contract period on time, and at or below budget.
  5. Provide any other graphic design needs the Commission may request within the time and budget scope of the contract.
  6. Submit original files of all graphic design elements to the Commission upon completion.

Marketing and Branding:

  1. Develop marketing goals and strategies in partnership with Commission staff, particularly in support of our Home ownership program.
  2. Develop and implement effective marketing tactics to achieve goals and strategies.
  3. Share and/or conduct market research and expertise to ensure effective outreach to target audiences.
  4. Provide guidance and expertise to Commission staff on creating and maintaining our brand standards.

Photography and Videography:

  1. At the direction of Commission staff, take photographs and videos that illustrate the Commission’s work and impact on individuals and communities.
  2. Coordinate with graphic designers and content developers to capture images that support the creative themes and goals established for the materials being developed.
  3. Two to three times a year, travel to other areas of the state for photo/video shoots at the direction of Commission staff.
  4. Gather signed releases from all subjects and return them to the Commission.
  5. Submit all photographs promptly and with necessary corrections to Commission staff. All photographs will be the exclusive property of the Commission in perpetuity.
  6. Provide full video production; submit finished videos and backup files to the Commission.

Due Date:

May 7th, 2018.


Washington State Housing Finance Commission

1000 Second Avenue, Suite #2700

Seattle, WA 98104-1046

Edelman PR and Peppercomm could be agencies to consider.

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