Rentrak’s Studio Share Module Enhances Video-on-Demand System

Rentrak Corporation has launched the company’s new Studio Share module to the OnDemand Essentials system. This new module provides competitive video-on-demand (VOD) information and industry data to participating motion picture studios. This transparency allows movie studios to see their own results as well as those of their competitors to establish a unique transparent VOD information marketplace for theatrical releases.

Existing OnDemand Essentials clients can opt-in and subscribe separately for this additional feature, which provides timely and actionable VOD industry-based information, including title-level performance, total industry performance, title-trend performance and more.

Cathy Hetzel, corporate president and president of Advanced Media and Information at Rentrak states:

“Rentrak is excited to provide the first-ever census-based industry view of transactional VOD content including total industry transactions and revenue. This advancement will open the doors of transparency to help the studios better understand trends within the transactional VOD business.

Rentrak is also developing a transparent industry view of iVOD (Internet Video-On-Demand) rentals and EST (Electronic Sell-Through) purchases. These offerings will be available through the web and for content rented or purchased electronically through multiple devices such as iPad, PC, PlayStation, Roku, Xbox and others. Rentrak already collects transaction data from this type of viewing; Transaction information will be aggregated weekly for movie and television content for select studios and networks.

Rentrak’s OnDemand Essentials processes daily census-level on-demand data from over 100 million TVs from 38 cable, telco and satellite providers and 100% of the top-25 TV operators offering video-on-demand. Over 170 network and studio clients use Rentrak’s extensive on-demand information including Amazon, iTunes, PlayStation, Vudu, YouTube, Xbox among others.

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