RFP For GrandDriver Marketing Services

Due Date/Time: December 28, 2022 no later than 2:00 pm (est.)

Contract Officer: Shawnda M. Brown • Email Address: shawnda.brown@dars.virginia.gov


In May 2004, the Division for Community Living-Office for Aging Services within the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, in partnership with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles established the Virginia GrandDriver Campaign. Since its inception, the Virginia GrandDriver program has grown from an informational web portal to a full education, outreach and media campaign and is now recognized as the Commonwealth’s primary resource for mature driving.


Since the inception of the GrandDriver Campaign, the word has spread about the program. DCL/OAS is in the next phase to expand efforts to educate and inform citizens in Virginia about the effects of aging on driving abilities and all that this encompasses. The Contractor shall provide all marketing materials to be reviewed and approved by DCL/OAS on the GrandDriver Campaign including information on media outreach activities, prior to final approval by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Media outreach activities are considered to include but not be limited to the inclusion of other media contracts, new releases, press conferences, social media content, graphics/illustrations, and broadcast commercials. The submitted proposal will address the plans and budget for the initial term of the Contract.

At least three (3) months prior to the anniversary date of the Contract, a new plan(s) and budget will be submitted for review, revision, and approval. Funding for all subsequent years, past the initial term, will be based solely off of the availability of funds.


Offerors must show creativity on how to enhance and communicate Campaign information to mature drivers, family caregivers, the public, healthcare providers and law enforcement. Offerors may go to the Virginia GrandDriver websitewww.granddriver.net, to see the publications, the radio and TV announcements, and press releases that have been produced for this Campaign.

The Offeror media strategy shall include most of the following but is not limited to include all: multimedia design, media planning and placement, media events, partnership development and outreach, feature stories, written copy promoting the program and/or events (i.e.: press releases, press conferences, radio/TV interviews, etc.); creative design, illustration and production; public service announcements, TV and radio spots; social media content; website development. Website hosting and all other content must be ADA compliant. The creation of additional webpages shall include content supplied by DCL/OAS. The website hosting shall be on a webserver platform that is easily transferable to another hosting service upon Contract termination.

All material created for the GrandDriver Campaign shall be reviewed and approved by DCL/OAS and the Department for Motor Vehicles Highway Safety Office prior to its release. The approval process for both

DARS/VDA and the Department of Motor Vehicles is coordinated by Nancy Lo, Virginia GrandDriver Coordinator,nancy.lo@dars.virginia.gov. The review timeline will be up to the Department of Motor Vehicles schedule and availability to review. Radio and Television advertisements must have a 1:1 in-kind added value advertisement for every paid advertisement.

Offerors shall demonstrate how they will reach the broadest range of seniors, caregivers, and family members of older drivers in the Commonwealth, and how they will measure that these groups received the Campaign’s messaging. The major advertising campaigns should occur in May during Older Virginians Month and November/December each year.

Timeframe for completion of deliverables. Adequacy and reasonableness of timetable for activities and outcomes, for year 1. This will include a 3-4 week approval process by DARS & DMV.

  • We need 1:1 ratio match on paid/free commercials
  • All intellectual properties, photos, etc… are owned by DARS/DMV
  • Must host & maintain GrandDriver.net website without service breaks


The Campaign shall be directed particularly to drivers over age 65, their families, healthcare providers and law enforcement , as well as the general public.


Services will be financed through a grant from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

The total amount of funds available for commencement – September 30, 2023 is Three Hundred Forty-Four Thousand Five Hundred Fifty-Two Dollars ($344,552.00) with a required match of nonfederal funds of Twenty-Five (25%) percent or One Hundred Fourteen Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty-One Dollars ($114,851.00) for total budget minimum of Four HundredFiftyNine Thousand Four Hundred Three Dollars ($459,403.00). The amount for the second year of the original contract term will not be known until September 2023. As each two-year renewal is executed, the new budget amount will be provided to the Contractor each September annually.


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