Advertising RFP Issued By District of Columbia

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The District of Columbia Office of the Chief Financial Officer is seeking to retain a full-service advertising agency to provide a full range of advertising and marketing services to support overall brand awareness and the sale of game tickets across the Lottery’s existing portfolio of games of traditional lottery, iLottery and sports betting, as well as any new gaming categories and product offerings launched within the contract term.


The Lottery’s mission is to provide revenue-generating entertainment through the sale of innovative lottery products and promotions that directly benefit the residents and the economic vitality of the District of Columbia. Since its inception in 1982, the Lottery’s has contributed more than $2.14 billion to the District’s General Fund. The Lottery’s annual transfer to the General Fund remains a vital component in aiding the city’s economy, thereby benefiting all residents of the District of Columbia, as well as suburban commuters and tourists. The General Fund supports services such as education, recreation and parks, public safety, housing, and senior and child services.  C.2.2 Advertisement and marketing are essential to the Lottery achieving its mission. Lottery has launched its iLottery platform. This has allowed for DC residents to play DC Lottery on their computers, smartphones, and other internet devices. Lottery has been gaining new players daily and generating much needed revenue for the City since the launch. It has become apparent that customer retention across all Lottery product lines will be integral to the Lottery’s continued success. See Attachment J.3, DC Lottery Facts Sheet for historical information, game performance, advertising guidelines and objectives, and full DC Lottery background details.

The Contractor shall provide effective advertising and marketing services that support the Lottery’s mission, further establish the Lottery’s brand identity, increase brand awareness in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas, increase contributions and transfer of profit to the General Fund, promote lottery games and promotions, and encourage trial to increase sales, all within the advertising guidelines and objectives of the Lottery.

Due Date:

1/27/2021 2:00PM


Relevant agencies include MWWPR and Alison & Partners.

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