NY Benefit Corp Issues RFP For Ad Agency

NY Benefit Corp Issues RFP For Ad Agency

The Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency ( “OCRRA”) is a New York public benefit corporation created by Public Authorities Law, Title 13B, for the public purpose of assisting in the planning, development, construction, operation and maintenance of solid waste facilities. OCRRA is empowered to receive, transport, process, dispose of, sell, store, convey, recycle and deal with, in any lawful way, solid waste. OCRRA is also empowered to contract with municipalities, public corporations or persons for solid waste services.

OCRRA’s service territory, Onondaga County, is located in the center of New York State and encompasses 810 square miles of land. Approximately 460,000 people reside in OCRRA’s 33 member municipalities. The largest single municipality is the City of Syracuse with a population of approximately 145,000.

They have issued an RFP for an ad agency – OCRRA invests in public education and advertising on recycling and has historically utilized television, print, radio, online and outdoor advertising placements.

Scope of work:

  • Communicating to the entire population of Onondaga County, but primarily targeting women, ages 25-54.
  • Highlighting the plethora of services offer the community, while continuing to promote recycling behaviors.
  • Developing public education that is not overly complex, contains a clear call to action, and utilizes community-based social marketing techniques.

Proposal due by September 13th to:

Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency
100 Elwood Davis Road
Syracuse, NY 13212-4312
Telephone: 315-453-2866

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