RFP Issued For Portland Transit & Metro Marketing

Greater Portland Transit District

The Greater Portland Transit District has issued an RFP for a team to develop a transit marketing plan and provide creative/design services. METRO provides fixed-route bus service throughout the Greater Portland region – they have increasing ridership which is expected to reach over 1.5 million in 2015. 

The selected firm will be tasked with developing (i) a general transit marketing plan to increase public awareness of and positive thinking about public transit and GPTD (the “Overall Image Plan”)  and (ii) development of the branding, logo and vehicle color schemes for (1) GPTD’s Portland North bus service to Freeport and Yarmouth (the “Portland North Service”) and (2) a product launch plan for a regional intelligent transportation system (ITS) project which will bring real-time bus information to the public (the “ITS Project”).

The objectives of GPTD’s marketing are:

  • Overall Image Improvement – increase public awareness of and positive thinking about public transit and
  • Improve  public  awareness  of  existing and planned connectivity between transit supportive modes
  • Generate public awareness of and excitement around transit improvements, including the ITS Project and the Portland North Service.
  • Increase ridership by and fare revenue from new riders and existing riders taking more trips.

The assignment includes full scale branding for the project, marketing strategy to reach all key stakeholders, messaging, as well as media and public relations campaigns. Messaging strategies/tactics should include efforts to reach minority, low income and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations.

Proposals are due by December 23, 2015 and should be submitted to:

Greater Portland Transit District | METRO Attention: Denise Beck

114 Valley Street

Portland, ME 04102

Tel (207) 517-3027 | Fax (207) 774-6241

Email: dbeck@gpmetrobus.com


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