Roanoke Innovation Corridor Issues Marketing RFP

Roanoke Innovation Corridor Issues Marketing RFP


The City of Roanoke and its partners are currently seeking a marketing agency to consult on their existing communications strategy and to develop branding, messaging, and a website for the Roanoke Innovation Corridor (Corridor). The Corridor’s marketing committee has conducted preliminary qualitative research to help identify key messages.


Roanoke is a mountain city and hub for innovation offering miles of trails, parks within walking distance, a vibrant downtown, and community neighborhoods with character. The City of Roanoke is a safe, caring and economically vibrant community in which to live, learn, prosper, work and play.

Scope of Work:

The Successful Offeror should provide the following:

[1.] Strategic Consulting

  1. Review existing high-level strategic communications plan and provide insights and advice to improve it.

[2.] Branding & Messaging

  1. Logo, brand essence;
  2. Brand Message and Value Proposition for each stakeholder;
  3. Branding guide that will govern the use of the logo, brand message, etc. for all stakeholders in the Corridor

[3.] Website Design and Development

  1. Built on WordPress (hosting, SSL-2, and domains already purchased);
  2. Site map will include, but not be limited to: Home page, links to partner entities, blog, potential calendar integration and tool kit for potential partners;
  3. Blog content aggregator that automatically pulls in related news releases from a variety of Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Django, and WordPress websites into an existing website –

Due Date:

August 10th


MWW PR and Zeno Group are agencies worth considering.

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