Shea Communications, NY PR Firm Sued Today By NYPD Police Union

Shea Communications

Today comes the news that the President of the NYPD’s Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA), Pat Lynch sued Shea Communications today, claiming that the New York PR firm stole a union mailing list.

New York Public Relations Firm – Shea Communications sued today by the New York Police Department Police Union

Patrolmen's Benevolent AssociationShea worked for the “Strengthen the Shield ticket”, a group of candidates who were running for election in recent PBA elections. Lynch won overwhelmingly in a major defeat – and now claims that materials have been used improperly.

During the race, the PBA claimed that “Mayor de Blasio is the hidden hand behind the contentious campaign to boot his most outspoken critic as head of the PBA,” according to reports in The New York Post.

At the time, the union claimed that ““George Shea is the p.r. guy for [PBA rival Brian] Fusco and is also the shill for Mayor de Blasio’s real-estate friends. He also directly represents the mayor, through his representation of the Hudson Yards Development Corp. So the mayor, who was embarrassed by the PBA, has asked his real-estate buddies to attack the PBA. Those buddies came up with Shea to represent the Fusco team and help them raise the money.”
Shea claimed the whole thing was untrue.

11:35 AM: Story Update

Public Relations News Update:

The lawsuit alleges potentially life-threatening consequences to NYPD officers as a result of the actions of Shea Communications.  Alleges a danger to the health and safety of NYPD officers and their families.

We have reached out to Shea Communications and are yet to receive a response.  This story will be updated as we receive a response.

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