Top Product Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Once a company is established, it has to start working toward getting to know its consumers a lot more intimately to get them to become loyal to the business and for that company to continue growing. There are many different ways that companies can promote themselves to their consumers and achieve more success, however, some of the most important ones include building stronger relationships with the existing customer base and ensuring that all promotional efforts from the company will be able to elicit an emotional response from the consumers.


Companies have to treat their happy customers well, but their unhappy customers are even better. Whenever a customer is not happy with a company or its solutions, it’s important for that company to invest time and effort to resolve whatever issue they might have had and improve their day. Most consumers feel unhappy if they’ve received a solution that wasn’t up to their standards or to what the company selling that solution was promising them it would do, or simply because they had a negative experience throughout the purchasing process. There are many ways that companies can turn this negative into a positive, such as providing them with a small free gift, offering a refund, or giving them a discount on a future purchase. However, it’s important for companies to take the time to do so and make sure that all unhappy consumers become happy once again. Although a single unhappy consumer isn’t going to ruin the relationship that a company has with all of its customers, especially if the company is working hard toward making that consumer happy again, having a number of unhappy customers and ignoring them can easily turn the situation into a public relations crisis which permanently damages the company’s reputation. On the other hand, companies also have to be mindful and engage with all their happy customers, simply because of the fact that continuous engagement is going to help those customers develop a stronger relationship with the company, which turns them into loyal customers. That means companies also have to invest time into ensuring that every customer that’s left a positive review is thanked, anyone that reaches out to the company to rave about the product their purchase should receive an email in return, and more.


To be able to generate sales, companies have to invest in promotional strategies that are going to elicit an emotional response from their potential consumers. This can easily be achieved when companies add urgency or scarcity tactics to their digital stores such as showing that a product is in limited quantity, creating flash sales, or including countdown timers. By doing so, companies will be encouraging potential consumers to make a purchase as soon as possible. Other ways for companies to elicit an emotional response from their audience include showing how a product can solve a pain point for the consumers by talking about a common problem the consumers’ experience and how their lives are going to be improved without that pain point. 

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