Smith Micro Software, Inc. Hire LEWIS PR


LEWIS PR will help Smith Micro Software, Inc. (SMSI 9.11, -0.34, -3.60%) increase visibility of their mobile product portfolio. Smith Micro develops and markets mobile software products and services and an extensive line of PC software products for business and home markets.

LEWIS was selected following a competitive pitch for the public relations program. Details of the budget for this campaign have not been disclosed, but it was revealed that LEWIS will implement a public relations campaign in the US, with international projects. Details of the tools LEWIS will use to achieve these tasks were not disclosed either, but given the company’s background we can assume that they will include both traditional and new age PR strategies.

Katie Eakins, managing director for LEWIS’ San Diego office, will lead the program and will report to Nisha Morris, PR manager at Smith Micro Software, Inc.

“LEWIS’ extensive experience in wireless technology makes it a solid fit for Smith Micro as we continue our aggressive growth,” said Morris at Smith Micro Software, Inc. “As we expand our relationships with wireless and cable providers, and handset manufacturers across the globe, we are poised for growth. Increasing exposure for Smith Micro in our various sales channels is part of our plan for continued expansion.”

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