Social Media Automation

Businesses are always looking for different ways to generate more leads and increase their subscribers. There are many ways that companies can go about achieving those goals, however, one of the most effective ones that many companies have managed to overlook is actually from Facebook. Meta, the company behind Facebook, has introduced a number of capabilities for businesses on the platform to generate more leads and increase their email newsletter subscribers.

Lead ads

The Lead ads that Meta has introduced to Facebook are a great way for companies to build up their lists of email subscribers and generate more leads. This is because the lead forms are very efficient and well-integrated into the platform. Companies can create different types of lead ads that their audiences will find quite simple to use and follow the call to action, and then provide the company with some basic information to join its email newsletter. Once a new email subscriber has filled out the form on the platform, the lead is stored inside the Forms Library on the platform, inside the Business Manager account. However, companies don’t have all the time in the world that it takes to go through each form inside their library and sort out all the data that they need, which means they’ll have to figure out a way to optimize it, and the best way to go about doing that is through automation tools.


The main goal of automation tools is for companies to save a lot of time by making sure that mundane and repetitive tasks are taken care of by a tool that’s designed to do so. If a company doesn’t incorporate automation throughout this process, it will have to go through each new lead that’s filled out a form, and then upload all of them to the company’s CRM or the platform that the company is using for email management, and only then can the business start creating and running campaigns with the new email list. However, with the help of automation tools, companies could simply set up all of their lead ads, and automatically import them into their email software once each form is filled out, and they’ll also be automatically placed in the company’s email campaign. There are many tools that companies can use to achieve all this, and then spend the time that they free up from using this type of automation focusing on creating more engaging email marketing campaigns instead. In fact, a number of the automation platforms that allow companies to do all this can also be connected to other tools and platforms that the company is using, such as social calendars, Slack, workflows, and more.

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