Coke, Apple and Google Lead Social Media Conversations

facebook_loveThe social media conversations universe is dominated by big brands, famous all over the world. Coke, Apple and Google are on the top three places, followed by other important names, as a new monthly report that tracks the social media “conversations” related to the top 100 consumer brands shows.

The report was made by PQ Media, the leading provider of global media econometrics and pioneer of emerging media research, and uberVU, a social media audience measurement firm.

The first three brands are followed by Amazon, Samsung, Starbucks, Burger King, Sprite, Microsoft, and McDonald’s.

The report doesn’t mention whether these impressions are “paid” or “owned”, but it brings up another interesting fact: some of these brands have a big share of total brand mentions in social media. For instance, Coke is “responsible” for 14% of the 10.6 billion impressions generated by the top 100 brands.

The impact of these brands isn’t visible only in the US, but also worldwide. In fact, 87% of the social media impressions of Coke, and 72% of Apple’s were generated outside US.

Looking at the top 10, we can easily see that it is dominated by brands in the consumer tech, fast food chains and beverage brands, with only one name in a different field: retail. Also quite interesting, Coke has about twice the number of impressions the runner-up, Apple, has, while the difference in the impressions’ number between the brands following the two big names isn’t as big.

Unfortunately, the report doesn’t include an evolution chart by month to show how big brands performed. However, taking in consideration that this report covers a summer month, it is rather logical that Coke is on the first place.

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