State of Indiana Issues Integrated Marketing RFP

State of Indiana Issues Integrated Marketing RFP


The purpose of this RFP is to select a vendor who will satisfy the need for integrated marketing communication services in support of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor’s (the “Office”) five agencies:

  • Indiana Office of Tourism Development (IOTD)
  • Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA)
  • Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA)
  • Office of Defense Development (ODD)
  • Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA)

The primary beneficiary of these integrated marketing communication services will be IOTD. The Office’s intent is to contract with a vendor whose capabilities will perpetuate the Indiana brand experience, attract more leisure travelers to Indiana destinations, increases travel-related revenue as well as serve the needs of the other agencies.


The Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA) is an agency that provides support services to other state agencies, assuring the smooth function of state government. IDOA is committed to serving both its agency and external customers, reducing the cost of government and providing exceptional customer service.

In accordance with Indiana statute, including IC 5-22-9, the Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA), acting on behalf of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor Family of Business Agencies (Office of Tourism Development, Office of Community and Rural Affairs, Office of Defense Development and the Indiana State Department of Agriculture) requires integrated marketing communication services. It is the intent of IDOA to solicit responses to this Request for Proposals (RFP) in accordance with the statement of work, proposal preparation section, and specifications contained in this document.

Scope of Work:

The Office is dedicated to enhancing the economic vitality of Indiana through leadership and resource support to the allied travel, tourism and hospitality industry. Its ambition is for Indiana to be a leading regional destination with growth annually exceeding that of adjacent states and ultimately making it competitive on a national and global scale. Tourism in Indiana employs 242,000 workers, generates $12.2B in spending and attracts 79M visitors to Indiana destinations.

The Indiana brand experience is dynamic and diverse, characterized by assets and destinations that represent Indiana’s capacity for the following:

  • Outdoor recreation and sport tourism
  • Arts and cultural tourism
  • Culinary and agritourism
  • Heritage tourism

The selected vendor will develop seasonal and annual marketing strategies, and creative campaigns that combines paid advertising, public relations, promotion, owned assets, and social media to elevate Indiana’s destination qualities, attract visitors and increase traveler spending. Messaging will target multiple audiences with whom the Office communicates that include consumers in Indiana and surrounding states, trade, international visitors, media and tourism organizations, business leaders and elected officials. To reach these audiences, the Office engages in consumer-facing marketing campaigns, tourism research, sponsorships and destination development activities.

As the representative voice of travel, tourism and hospitality in Indiana, the Office seeks the support of an integrated marketing communication agency that will work as a partner to:

  • Develop and employ direct-to-consumer marketing strategies through multiple media channels, audience segmentation, campaign targeting and pre/post data analysis to measure effectiveness
  • Design and produce broadcast, out-of-home, print and digital assets
  • Develop and implement digital advertising strategy
  • Utilize marketing automation solutions for email and social media.
  • Develop sales and customer service materials, PR promotional tools and tradeshow assets

Please note, RFP respondents ARE NOT required to submit spec art in their response. However, all creative work-product executed by the selected vendor MUST BE representative of the Indiana brand experience.

The selected vendor will produce 175-200 deadline dependent jobs each year and must be staffed with sufficient full- and part-time personnel to accomplish the workload in a timely fashion.

Responsibilities of the selected vendor will include, but are not limited to:

  • Dedicated account supervision, management and coordination
  • Research supervision and predictive analytics
  • Seasonal and annual strategic planning and long-term marketing consultation
  • Creative design, content development, copywriting and creative concept execution at a quality and creative level that is competitive in domestic markets for the following:

o Print advertising, brochures, catalogues, profile sheets

o Television and radio advertising

o Billboards, transit signage, rest area advertising

o Digital display advertising, banner advertising, newsletters

o SEO, email marketing, social media, blog content, website design

o Special events, industry awards, presentations, contests, merchandise

o Tradeshow displays

  • Online media planning, negotiation, buying and optimization
  • Coordination of corporate marketing partnership arrangements, which may include relationships with other agencies
  • Print publication co-op planning and execution
  • Email marketing strategy and design
  • Supplier contract supervision (see below) as well as complex client budgeting and financial management
  • Brand supervision and direction
  • Management of direct-response advertising, tracking studies and strategic planning
  • Maximizing the Office’s efforts to increase earned revenue through cooperative advertising (both print and online) and marketing partnerships
  • Recommending to the Office various sponsorship opportunities
  • Providing direction and future planning to ensure that website properties (e.g.,,,,, etc.) remain dynamic, interactive and relevant:

o Maintaining a formatted database

o Increasing traffic (currently 1.9M visitors annually)

o Maximizing paid advertising

Request For Proposal, 18-076 Page 8 of 33

o Optimizing current in-house SEO offering

o Providing tracking solutions and analysis of advertisers

o Conducting continuous usability analyses

o Providing regular editorial and design updates

o Working in conjunction with the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) to meet all state required security and coding requirements

  • Possessing the programming knowledge and technical expertise to write computer code and support multiple digital properties
  • Coordinate, communicate, and provide assets in a timely manner to the State’s Media Buy QPA Contractor. Review QPA Contractor’s draft media plan and provide feedback or suggest modifications as appropriate.
  • Alter creatives on an as needed basis to fit the media plans provided by the Media Buy QPA Contractor and approved by the Office. As campaigns are running make changes to optimize creative traction in coordination with the Media Buy QPA Contractor. Ensure seamless coordination and execution.
  • Managing and maintaining Advertiser Portal, a custom- designed web- based tool for online publication advertising placement with the Office, or an equivalent tool must be provided with a transition plan identified.

The selected vendor will be required to develop and maintain a production schedule, attend regularly scheduled planning meetings with the Office and conduct an annual business review.

Additional services that may be requested through the contract include:

  • Printing specific to the Co-Op Publications
  • Broadcast and print production services
  • Photography and videography
  • Copywriting
  • Research
  • Collateral fulfillment and postage.
  • Public relations support
  • Data entry and management
  • Product/customer database
  • Publications and website production
  • Advertising sales and content portal
  • Media coordination services for special programs.
  • Other various consultants

In aggregate, the Office spends approximately $2M annually on marketing communication services, including certain subcontracts.

Due Date:

June 30th


Patrick O’Connor, Senior Account Manager

Indiana Department of Administration

Procurement Division

402 W. Washington St., Room W468

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Tourism focused PR firms include Hunter PR and 5WPR.

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