Pikes Peak Community College Seeks Advertising Agency

Pikes Peak Community College Seeks Advertising Agency

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from professional advertising agencies, one for traditional advertising and another one for digital advertising. These agencies will provide various marketing services for the college that will include: market and industry research; media-buying and placement; brokerage services; creative input; advertising strategy, design and placement; messaging; and development of outreach materials that comply with PPCC brand standards.

The successful agency or agencies will advise and assist the internal PPCC Marketing & Communication Department with its Marketing Plan. These agencies must have the best knowledge, experience, research tools and capabilities to help PPCC spend its allocated marketing budget efficiently and effectively for optimum buying power and to reach the agreed upon target audiences.

Primary target audiences include:

  • Traditional high school students
  • Non-traditional students (those starting or returning to school later in life or not working toward a degree)
  • Transfer students (those who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university)
  • Military students (active duty, veterans or their dependents) who may be returning to college or enrolling for the first time to strengthen their employ-ability.


The PPCC Marketing and Communication Department creates and works from a Strategic Marketing Plan to oversee and advise the college on collateral creation, advertising, direct marketing, recruiting, sales 9 promotions, digital media, public relations and internal communications across traditional and digital channels. We currently contract Blakely & Company as a result of RFP 1347. They provide various marketing functions for the college such as: media buying brokerage services, graphic design, creative input, production of various collateral pieces, media placement, messaging development, and video production that complies with the PPCC brand guidelines.

Scope of Work:

To assist with PPCC’s overall marketing and advertising strategies across traditional and digital channels for:

  • Data-driven advisement on how to achieve greatest return on marketing investment
  • Creative input into marketing plan and collateral creation
  • Media purchase placement and audit
  • Results analysis

Due Date:

June 25th


Pikes Peak Community College

Procurement Office, Box C2a

5675 S. Academy Blvd., Room B229

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

Strong agencies with paid capabilities include Finn Partners and Ruder Finn.

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