Profile of HL Group Partners

Profile of HL Group Partners

HL Group Partners is a PR company that came to life in 2001 when Lynn Tesoro and Hamilton South came together. The company now has offices across Los Angeles and New York. This PR organization supports clients that require high-level communication and marketing services. From partnership development to media help, the HL group achieves exceptional success in achieving client objectives.

HL Group Partners work seamlessly as part of the marketing mix for the companies they support. They not only offer short-term responses to complicated PR issues but also act as a long-term partner for strategic brand messaging.

HL Group Partners Leadership and Clients:

The Co-founders behind HL Group partners are Hamilton South and Lynn Tesoro. Hamilton South is a highly distinguished and well-commended marketing and communications expert with years of experience helping some of the most noteworthy brands in the world. On the other hand, Lynn Tesoro is a globally-recognized name in the communications world, with a strong understanding of lifestyle businesses, luxury, and fashion.

Both Mr. South and Ms. Tesoro are constantly sought after by some of the biggest brands in the world who want to improve their growth and positioning strategies. They work in industries such as consumer products, home design, travel and hospitality, beauty, wellness, fashion, corporate marketing, technology and the food and beverages sector. Some of the clients in the HL Group roster include American Airlines, Ralph Lauren, Expedia and Stella Artois.

HL Group Perks and Problems:

HL Group currently employs around 100 people; however, they pride themselves on holding tight to the simple boutique spirit that started the organization. Despite their growing presence – the company has an entrepreneurial spirit about it and takes a customized approach to dealing with every customer. The company boasts a broad collection of consumer product goods, beauty options, retail, fashion, and hospitality brand options to work with.

For employees in the company – the business offers a great and fun place to work. It’s packed full of people who are always willing to offer help when a beginner needs extra support. The diverse and compelling client roster also means that new employees have the chance to experience a broad range of different industries.

HL Group Services:

The HL Group commits to offering an end-to-end range of services for their customers. They believe in taking a comprehensive approach to PR and communication management and hire a selection of specialists from different backgrounds to get the best results. The team often collaborates together to deliver fantastic outcomes on:

  • Corporate communications
  • Media relations
  • Brand positioning
  • Reputation management
  • Social and digital media
  • Partnership marketing
  • Event production
  • Influencer campaigns

Getting a Job with HL Group:

Like many public relations companies, the HL group is frequently searching for committed and dedicated experts to join their team. They believe in having a fully committed and engaged workgroup behind them at all times. The HL group has a diverse culture and prides itself on listening to its employees.

Those interested in joining the HL Group Partners and working with them can send a cover letter and resume to the company’s career address:

HL Group Locations:

350 Madison Ave. Floor 17

New York, NY 10017

9300 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 300

Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

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