The purpose of this Statement of Work is to hire a contractor to develop a statewide media campaign focused on promoting the End AIDS Washington effort as well as advancing interventions that reduce HIV transmission. At a minimum the campaign will include components designed to motivate behavior change in the following audiences.

  1. People at Risk: Promote social norms which support Washington State Black and Latinx men who have sex with men (MSM) residents to engage in behaviors that improve their health as well as reduce or eliminate their risk of HIV infection.
  2. People Living with HIV: Encourage Washington State residents living with HIV to engage in behaviors that improve their health and encourage behaviors that eliminate their risk of transmitting the virus.
  3. Medical Providers: Encourage Washington State Health Care providers to identify those individuals who meet the criteria for HIV prevention services to improve comprehensive health care including increasing HIV (and multisite STI) screening and increase PrEP treatment; and, encourage those providers serving those living with HIV to improving comprehensive care for those living with HIV.

Resulting campaign, while prioritizing these populations; should also serve to destigmatize HIV. Therefore, the messages may be available to the general population.

Priority Population(s)

  1. Black MSM Residents of WA who meet the clinical criteria for HIV prevention services

Considerations: Rural and Urban

Language: English

  1. Latinx MSM Residents of WA who meet the clinical criteria for HIV prevention services

Considerations: Rural and Urban; Foreign and Native Born

Languages: English and Spanish

  1. All people in WA State living with HIV Considerations: Rural and Urban

Considerations: Populations with Disparities on WA Care Continuum

Languages: English and Spanish

  1. Medical Providers Considerations: Rural and Urban Language(s): English

Scope of Work:

For each identified population and geographic area, the vendor will be responsible for:

  1. Involving community input for the design and implementation of the campaign,
  2. Producing media campaigns that may include bill boards, TV, radio, print, etc. Must include a social media component.

Proposals should include examples of similar past work, as well as explanations for how the following list of items will be addressed:

  1. What media will be used?
  2. Where and how distributed and costs for each platform.
  3. Message development plan and rational: including how individuals from prioritized populations and DOH will be involved.
  4. How community based agency partners would participate and could use the materials.
  5. How individuals prioritized by the campaign might participate in message development.
  6. How the campaign will be evaluated and adjusted accordingly during the campaign to ensure appropriateness and impact.
  7. Campaign budget.
  8. May propose subcontracting for priority populations; within contracted fund
  9. Timeline: including development, testing, length of campaign, DOH review and approval, and evaluation plan, to be completed by the conclusion of the contract.
  10. Examples of previous work.
  11. Process.
  12. Evaluation plan, to be completed by the conclusion of the contract.

Contractor shall include community members, from the specific community, in the development of the campaign. It is expected that there will be different campaigns focused on the identified communities and that these different campaigns will be varied to meet the different cultural needs and sensitivities of the identified communities. Developed campaigns must be culturally appropriate. Contractor shall produce multiple campaigns based on the communities we are trying to reach and geographic locations of these communities. Campaigns are to be multiplatform, and may include TV, print, radio, billboard, etc. Social media should be included. This project is expected to be for 2 years (June 1, 2018 – June 1, 2020). Contractor is to provide a project overview timeline that includes: development, community involvement, the campaign, and evaluation.

The Contractor chosen through this Solicitation will be expected to perform the statement of work described in the attached Exhibit A – Statement of Work. It represents the anticipated work to be done.

Due Date:

April 6th, 2018



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