Media Buying RFP Issued In Maryland

Montgomery College Issues Media Monitoring RFP

Montgomery College has issued a Media Buying RFP. Montgomery College, Maryland’s largest community college, is a multi-campus institution with more than 60,000 across three campuses and multiple off-site locations. To support students’ academic and professional goals, the College employs more than 3,100 faculty and staff. The College is seeking requests for proposals for a media buyer with previous experience and demonstrated success with marketing and media strategies to assist in its paid advertising campaigns.  The purpose of Montgomery College’s advertising campaigns include branding, recruitment of new students, retention of existing students, program/degree campaigns, presidential campaigns, new buildings, and open houses/events. Enrollment, retention, and program/degree campaigns will take place during key enrollment times throughout the year. All other campaigns will be event driven and timing will fluctuate.

Target audiences include new students, current students, lifelong learners, alumni, donors, potential employees, key decision makers in the county, and businesses. Target markets include Montgomery County and the greater Washington DC area.


  • Provide media buying services, including, but not limited to, market research, planning for media purchases, and negotiation of all media rates, buying of time/space, reconciliation and contract for the time or space purchased with each designated publication, station, or company.
  • Provide a comprehensive analytics report and/or dashboard report of effective advertising that shows ROI on dollars spent for television, radio, outdoor, digital, and other recommended outlets and provide examples of previous reports from past clients.
  • Provide examples of how to incorporate cutting edge technologies in advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Provide recommendations for highly targeted media buys for key demographics and audiences in the education sector.
  • Provide strategic media buying and creative counsel for Montgomery College throughout the life of the contract, via meetings with the marketing and communications staff.
  • Negotiate value added and promotional opportunities for the College. Assign value and disclose in monthly statements and reports.
  • Receive and reconcile all media-direct billings in a timely fashion and then forward those to the College’s accounts payable department for payment in a consolidated monthly invoice. The invoice must include details of commission and fees for each account.
  • Provide a recap and comprehensive evaluation of the plan and results at the end of each month.
  • Possess an understanding of the College’s unique structure and location and recommend strategies to best promote the College.
  • Foster strong positive relationships with vendors on behalf of the College.

Proposal due by February 3, 2017 to:

Office of Procurement
900 Hungerford Drive, Suite 110
Rockville, MD 20850

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