Strategies for PR & Marketing In The Year To Come

We asked some experts for opinions on what trends and strategies we will see in public relations and marketing in the new year. 

Here are what some experts told us:

Simon Elkjær, the Chief Marketing Officer of avXperten, an electronic company said, “One strategy that we’ll definitely be seeing more from public relations and marketing industry in 2021 is social media marketing strategies. Companies that devoted their time to strengthening their social media presence are definitely reaping the goods especially now that almost everyone is online to keep track of the outside world. However, among the numerous social media marketing strategies, one seems to outshine the rest and that is video marketing. As it is becoming increasingly popular and effective, you can bet that multiple companies will try their hands at this strategy as well.”

Zack Holland, CEO and Co-Founder of SelectFew said, “Out of the many issues 2020 brought to the forefront, for marketing it’s becoming clear that agency programs aren’t genuinely built to grow client accounts – they’re crafted to ensure the agency has room between the retainer fee and the cost to fulfill baseline service to grow their own business. This leads the entire system to be wildly unsuccessful in the long-run. In a similar vein, many organizations have attempted a shift to solely working with freelancers, and soon realized this isn’t the perfect solution either with a lack of systemic management needed to guide tangible results.

In 2021, marketing will leverage specialized talent working as managed-distributed systems, where a system of pre-vetted freelancers is guided and managed by an industry-grade strategy. This allows clients to create marketing structures that are flexible and accountable for performance, while utilizing newly-found funds for higher quality creative and increased media purchase power.”

Roy Ferman, the founder & CEO of Seek Capital said, “With the recent social upheaval, next year will surely be a year that emphasizes diversity and inclusion. Marketing and public relations trends will most definitely move towards diversifying the image and representation of brands and businesses.”

Kyle Johnston, President and Founding Partner of Gigasavvy, a full-service creative marketing agency said, “In 2021, we’ll see a pullback to a more human approach to marketing and advertising. This is already happening, especially as a result of COVID-19, but most of the creative out there still feels forced and opportunistic. Brands will realize (again) their purpose needs to go beyond their charitable donations and create real value for an increasingly discerning audience.” 

Vietek Ladislaav, CEO at Square Motion said, “People are now after human connections; that is why it is the most powerful marketing strategy right now and the years to come. A more personal approach gains more interest because they can relate to it. Find people who can help you construct a more realistic strategy so you can influence and convince people to acquire your products and services, and that’s where the PR team enters. They are well versed when it comes to influencing people, so having a good PR team will help you achieve your goals.”

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