Surfside, a Cannabis Space Marketing Technology Raises $4 Million Seed

Surfside is a marketing technology for the cannabis niche. It is a marketing and data platform that was created for the cannabis industry. The company has announced the conclusion of a $4 million seed deal round. The deal was led by Casa Verde. Karan Wadhera, the managing partner of the company will now also serve as one of the company’s board members.


Surfside is a new startup that is controlled by its two founders, who share between them lots of experience in the data and marketing space. Surfside’s founders Michael Blanche and Jon Lowen both worked with SITO Mobile. The pair both worked on location-specific advertising and marketing with mobile devices.

Together now, the pair have built Surfside, a platform that was created on the principles its founders worked with years ago. Surfside aims to improve the marketing acumen and strategies of businesses in the cannabis industry as a whole. They aim to remove the barriers and obstacles encountered by marketers of cannabis products and simplify the process of selling the products to customers.

A major obstacle encountered in marketing cannabis products is the unavailability of regular channels and media used by non-cannabis brands to market their products. Powerful marketing channels like Facebook and Google are not available to cannabis brands, making these brands miss out on insightful analytics and data about customers, both existing and potential.

Surfside’s drive is to eliminate this gap that exists in the cannabis industry by providing businesses with vital customer data, sourced from already available data, public data, and more. The purpose is to enable cannabis brands to better comprehend the needs of customers. The startup establishes customer profiles with the aim of discerning their location, interests and important information. This helps the brands to effectively advertise products based on collected data.

Casa Verde

Casa Verde is the venture capital firm behind Surfside’s $4 million seed. The company is a leading venture capital firm that works exclusively in the cannabis industry. Casa Verde firmly believes that the Cannabis industry will eventually provide a unique and compelling investment theme as the domestic and international cannabis markets evolve and grow over time.

Surfside was chosen by Casa Verde for its robust technology, renowned and experienced team members, and excellent service rendered to users. With the deal, Surfside is well on track for a strategic evolution.

Recently, Surfside has recorded immense growth as more than 1,000 dispensaries and over 100 brands have chosen to use Surfside’s technology to reach new and existing customers alike. Surfside now provides support for CRM, point of sale, e-commerce and other customer-centric integrations related to data and sales.

The Clean Room data source released recently has made it possible for clients to handle data securely without tampering with the privacy of users. This is done through an interface and encryption that ensures data is onboarded without raw attributes. Before the Clean Room data was released, this couldn’t be obtained in the cannabis industry.


Privateum Enters Into an Agreement with Luna PR to Promote FinTech Crypto Platform

Privateum Initiative has partnered with Luna PR. Privateum Initiative is a secure, global, and sustainable platform for crypto transactions that has entered a partnership with Luna PR. Luna PR is a renowned marketing and PR agency. By virtue of the partnership, Privateum’s appeal and visibility will be improved. Luna PR will also help strengthen the brand during new product launches and exchanges.

Privateum chose to work with Luna PR, because they recognized the PR firm as a fully-fledged digital marketing agency that has worked with countless brands like eToro, Huoboi, and more. By virtue of its new partnership with Luna PR, Privateum hopes to transform from a tech initiative to a prominent crypto currency platform. 

Privateum believes Luna PR is the best partner to help handle its relations with the public, and improve brand awareness as well as growth. The company’s crypto platform allows secure and quick transactions between parties. Privateum isn’t like the other crypto platforms either; it is unique because of its cooperative model that connects businesses and individuals legally.

The tech company has also established the crypto market’s foremost financial platform for the integration of insurance companies, lenders, banks, stores and more within one international umbrella. Privateum also created a security and privacy infrastructure for the protection of all parties involved in its cooperative. The security infrastructure is called Privateum’s Zero Trust and Encrypt Everything, Know Nothing technology.

It is so secure that no one, not even the company itself can access transaction or member data. This security runs all day long, and every day of the year, based on a private block chain network.

Privateum Initiative

Privateum is an innovative crypto platform that brings legal entities together and provides them with a private and secure means of services, goods, and funds exchange within its ecosystem.

Privateum started a couple of years ago when some bankers, and financial and legal experts, software leaders, and crypto technologists came together to discuss and focus on privacy in crypto processing and assets management.

The group was bothered by the speed and ease with which governments and their institutions invaded the privacy of crypto currencies’ adopters, and the obstacles created for them hence. In response to this, the group decided to create a platform where innovation and privacy will be prioritized so the security and privacy of honest individuals can be assured.

Privateum’s drive is to improve crypto by creating privacy and security solutions for blockchain systems. It operates on the private Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain.

Luna PR

Luna PR is a marketing, public relations, and advisory agency that was founded by Nikita Sachdev in 2017. It is a digital communications and marketing agency that was created in Dubai and works with clients across five continents. Luna PR promotes crypto and blockchain projects to maximize their potential. The company also helps promote upcoming projects, as its team members that are experts and marketing gurus examine each project.

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