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Roman Polanski Banned from Facebook Pokes

Accused rapist Roman Polanski has been banned from poking other users on Facebook. The famous Hollywood director was being held in a Swiss prison awaiting a decision as to whether or not he would be extradited back to the US to face the rape charges. Having limited access to Facebook seems like the least of his worries for many, but evidently the Swiss consider Facebook limitations a form of hard labor?

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Demi Moore Photoshop PR Stunt

Strange pictures of Demi Moore emerge every now and again, making the actress a social media hit for a day. Today, a “Photoshop controversy” chops off a hulk of flash from her left hip. PR stunt or honest mistake?


Celebrity PR: Sharon Stone from Topless to Over the Top

Sharon Stone’s appearance at Elton John’s Aids Benefit, after her topless cover for Paris Match, has people wondering. Is there some lack of direction for the 51 year old actress? Apparently so, as she seems to be going from one extreme to another. Firing her mother as her agent may not have been the best thing at this crucial time in her career.


Playboy Sues Love Lawyer Corri Fetman Back

Corri Fetman, the so called “Love Lawyer”, is in the news again. This time she is not the one doing the sueing, her former employer Playboy is. The magazine claims she is trying to patent their copyrighted work, while Fetman’s sexual harassment suit against Playboy is still awaiting trial. Fetman, who posed for Playboy and wront a column for them, also runs a Chicago law firm.

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Liz Claman of Fox Business Network Defines Business Sexy

Anchor Liz Claman offers her recipe for being sexy without detracting from the news she reports. Desribed as one of the most “camera ready” lady on the news, Claman is really more concerned with the issues than she is with her sex appeal. Perhaps this is so because her “method” has been honed so well she does not have to think about it. For this writer, I would never have thought such a big deal would be made out of something every “Hollywood” news lady would know?