Best Public Relations Firm in Italy

2015-11-16 by EPR Staff

Like many countries, Italy is fortunate enough to have an abundance of wonderful and reliable PR firms. Some are global, while others are more local. The few listed below present among the best Italy offers the PR industry. Ketchum PR: Italy Established in 1978 and based in Milan, Ketchum is one of the top-ranked PR firms in Italy. The firm’s success spills over into over 50 offices around the world, and it works with clients from some of the top brands and companies globally. The firm primarily focuses on brand marketing, corporate, healthcare, technology, and food & beverage. It also... Read More >

Leading Bike Vacation PR Firm Cycling For Public Relations Company

2015-11-13 by EPR Staff
Duvine Cycling

DuVine Cycling and Adventure Company is on the hunt for a stellar public relations company. Duvine designs and leads luxury bicycle vacations in the world’s most amazing places—from the rolling hills of Tuscany and storied medieval villages of Provence to the Andean foothills of Argentina’s wine country and the lush vineyards of Sonoma. DuVine travelers learn that biking is the very best way to travel as it intimately connects you with a destination.  They customize tours, and seek to “amaze and astound guests with unforgettable experiences that will change their lives.” They seek to develop a PR firm with an... Read More >

What is Consumer Public Relations

2015-11-13 by EPR Staff
Consumer PR

The new wave of consumers changed the market as we know it today. These consumers force companies to become more proactive, try to keep up, or be left behind. Companies selling to these customers cut back on advertising over the last decade. As customers turn to social spaces to communicate, companies must reach out to them there. Consumers engage with companies receiving feedback on questions affecting their buying decisions. They also want instant customer service when things go wrong. Smart companies take advantage of this by making use of the information they gain during interactions. But, to build this relationship,... Read More >

Brazil’s Best PR Agencies

2015-11-12 by EPR Staff
Rio everything-pr

Brazil is next on the list of International PR firms we review - Brazil is the world’s seventh-largest economy, with a GDP of $2.4 trillion. It sponsored the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Summer Olympics. The nation’s considered the 13th worst among the world’s 150 wealthiest countries regarding income inequality. These disparities become evident in the wake of such massive athletic events. The World Cup resulted in many workers’ strikes and protests, casting the nation’s class issues in a harsh light. Similar reputation-damaging scandals loom as possibilities with the influx of tourists and... Read More >

Scott Levenson, CEO of The Advance Group PR

2015-11-11 by EPR Staff
Scott Levenson Advance Group PR

  Started in 1990, The Advance Group markets itself as a firm that’s “managed national strategic campaigns, including some of the most closely watched political races, and produced internationally recognized events for over two decades.” In addition, the company boasts handling corporate, nonprofit, and labor issues. This is a firm which universally does not do good work – and we recommend staying very far away from.  It’s a sub-par Public Relations company with questionable ethics. Political Discourse A quick survey of the firm’s blog finds The Advance Group pushes political discourse into the forefront of the relationship with the public,... Read More >

Video Game PR: Disparate Strategies With Equal Impact in Video Game Marketing

2015-11-09 by EPR Staff
Video Games

Since 2000, video games seized their rightful place in the mass market, eventually outdoing motion pictures and television for entertainment, sales, and business. Also as an art form. As with any of its competitors, a solid marketing strategy becomes essential to the successful launch of new titles. For game developers to reach their desired gaming population, bold campaigns undaunted by creative tactics forge the way new games cut through the gamer market’s ubiquitous noise. What’s more, any video game campaign must convince customers to pay a whopping $59.99, the price of an average console title. Similar to a new movie... Read More >

“So Why Should I Hire You?” PR Event in NY Moderated by Art Stevens

2015-11-05 by EPR Staff

Join us for "So Why Should I Hire You?" on December 8th from 5:30-8:00 PM at Anchin, Block & Anchin. Three agency leaders will chronicle how agencies have changed and what agencies need - and require - of account people today. They will describe what PR professionals in agencies need to know about the current criteria for employment consideration.  In short, they will describe what the bar is for employment in their agencies and how you can prepare for this challenge. Moderator: The panel will be moderated by Art Stevens, a former top twenty independent PR agency owner himself and now managing partner... Read More >

7 PR Firms Who Tackle PPC – Pay Per Click Marketing

2015-11-05 by EPR Staff
Pay Per Click everything-pr

There are some PR firms who prefer to buy space on Google rather than appearing on Search Engine's organically – utilizing Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) – and while its SURE that they don’t know the digital media world if they are communications companies buying space, here’s a few of them: INK Public Relations Co-founded by Starr Million Baker and Keri Hernandez in 2004, INK PR displays their familiarity with the most cutting edge and accessible PPC website for a new generation of public relations. This includes short phrases accompanying graphics are catchy and easy to access and flip through on... Read More >

Getting Your Brand Featured at Industry Events

2015-09-15 by EPR Staff
Get Featured at Industry Events everything-pr

Industry events are your opportunity to make a name for your company with the big wigs of your field. Sometimes the difference between being the best and everyone else happens by being a tenth of a percent better than the next person in line. That’s what you need to remember when you prepare for an industry event, do just a little bit more than the rest of the people and others notice the difference. Here are some specific ways you can start that process of being a featured brand at an industry event: Do advance legwork. Study the materials promoting... Read More >

Public Relations News from Cannes Lions

2015-06-26 by EPR Staff
2015 Cannes Lions Public Relations Recap

Some tidbits from an Everything PR staffer who is reporting from location. Cannes Lions winning PR firms include Edelman, Fleishman Hillard, and Alison Brod. The center of activity for the PR agency world appears to be the famed intercontinental Carlton hotel. In front of the hotel is a coffee shop with free coffee sponsored by the New York post. Because it is a natural networking spot, the CEO of Vice Media spotted midday at lunch conducting an interview in the lobby over coffee. [caption id="attachment_58301" align="aligncenter" width="440"] (photo of the special edition of the Cannes edition of the New York... Read More >

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