Small Business Marketing Tips

2021-06-17 by Jade Minh

Small business owners don’t have to worry about waiting to create a large enough budget to be able to create marketing campaigns. In fact, before small businesses spend a single cent on marketing, business owners should consider learning several marketing tips that are specifically beneficial for small businesses. Website Optimization One of the best, as well as easiest things for small businesses to do, is to make sure their websites are keeping up with all the basic SEO rules. There’s no need to hire an SEO expert from the very beginning that will create a website that has all the... Read More >


2021-06-15 by Julio Juarez

The purpose of this RFP is to invite Respondents to submit their Proposal for delivering brand and marketing strategy services. WorkSafeBC is an independent statutory agency that serves nearly 2.3 million workers and about 200,000 employers throughout British Columbia. It is funded through insurance premiums paid by registered employers and through investment returns. The Act empowers WorkSafeBC to enforce occupational health and safety standards, provide legislated compensation and rehabilitation benefts to injured workers or their dependents, and collect funds from businesses to operate the workers’ compensation system. Please refer to WorkSafeBC’s website at for additional information regarding WorkSafeBC. WorkSafeBC is seeking... Read More >

The Pandemic Changed Consumer Appetites

2021-05-20 by JamesD

COVID-19 has been blamed for a lot of things but to the DTC industry, it’s getting a lot of credit for bolstering sales. Global PR firm Diffusion has been tracking consumer trends since 2018, and reported recently that 2020 saw consumer appetites for DTC brands escalate. The firm’s 2021 Direct-to-Consumer Purchase Intent Index reported that two in five Americans are now familiar with DTC and that 69% of them made at least one DTC purchase in the past year. Why the Popularity? Pandemic quarantines may have had a role in the DTC rise, but 44% of those polled also said... Read More >

Celebrity Marketing With a Twist

2021-05-14 by Julio Juarez
Celebrity Marketing lg1 1

In December 2020, a viral ad debuted online, showing Satan finding his perfect match, a woman, by the name of 2020. The ad showed the journey from the moment that the couple was first matched up online, to their first meeting and date, and ending with the couple’s various misdeeds around a town. When the ad first premiered, the public showed its overwhelming support, and the creator behind the ad, actor Ryan Reynolds, expected that same reaction. The actor’s marketing company, Maximum Effort, worked on the ad itself, producing, co-writing it, and generally turning the company into one of the... Read More >

Basic Marketing Guidelines

2021-05-06 by JamesD

With the development of the internet, it’s become a lot easier for businesses to communicate with clients, consumers, and target audiences at large, which has made a lot of marketing efforts easier to create and execute. However, with all of the tools that have become available to businesses and marketers, many have overlooked the essential marketing basics. Fortunately, these marketing basics are relatively simple, and marketers can use them to create a stronger connection between a company and its consumers. Brand Awareness and Trust Most consumers only tend to make purchases from businesses they trust, which is why companies marketing... Read More >

Creating a Marketing Strategy

2021-05-01 by Jim Crickell
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The overall plan that a business has to reach the target audience, or the prospective customers, and then turn those people into consumers of the company’s products or services is that company’s marketing strategy. It also contains all of the key brand messaging for the business, its value proposition, data on the target customer demographics, and other elements. When creating a marketing strategy, companies should be covering four elements to be efficient: The productThe priceThe placeThe promotion These elements make up the core of a company’s value proposition, which is the foundation for their competitive advantage in their market. A... Read More >

Difference Between PR and Marketing

2021-04-28 by Julio Juarez
pr 1

Since the media world is constantly evolving, the ways that brands maintain and grow their presence have to evolve alongside it. In the past, many companies mainly relied on traditional PR, which included working with media outlets and TV to reach a target audience. However, as the world became more and more digital, PR followed along, and companies had to start working with digital media outlets, websites, and social media platforms. Soon after everything became digital, content marketing was introduced to the mix, and these days, everyone has come across it in the forms of social media posts, blog posts,... Read More >

Consumer Insights: Why Are They Important in Marketing

2021-04-25 by Ronn Torossian
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Today, customers across retail spaces expect high-quality goods and services to be matched with high-quality experiences. However a major challenge remains: how can companies and their target audiences understand each other enough to develop healthy relationships. The answer is by using consumer insights. Gathering and employing consumer insights is key to understanding a firm’s customers and to helping match high-quality goods with quality experiences. What Are Consumer Insights? Consumer insights, also known as customer insights, are the ideas gathered after reviewing and interpreting consumer behaviors, data, and feedback. Marketers can use these ideas and concepts to improve customer support and... Read More >

SEO Will Shine Brighter This Year

2021-04-23 by JamesD

It’s expected that Google’s Core Web Vitals, its website development standards, will be merged with some of its other user-focused signals this May. When completed, Google expects to be able to analyze the website experience of visitors even more deeply and further improve its ranking system. In anticipation of this, brands might want  to visit Google Search Console and its extensions to see how their website currently measures up. It can determine things like spam and indexing problems and troubleshoot problems like mobile useability and advanced market research for both offline and online data. It can also indicate whether Google... Read More >

Business Growth Through Advertising

2021-04-21 by Julio Juarez
SantaCrawl Poster2013

Advertising is an extremely dynamic field that’s constantly reinventing and evolving so it can easily utilize new tech and media to reach audiences.  Companies have to continuously follow suit. However, growing a business through advertising means understanding the target audience’s values on a deeper level. Since advertising means creating, organizing, and executing paid messages and content on a variety of marketing channels, companies have to constantly evolve their advertising strategies to make sure that the business can invest safely into future growth and positive results. When it comes to a company’s public exposure there are three different categories to help... Read More >

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