Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing Efforts

2022-04-05 by EPR Staff
Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing

When it comes to generating new leads, most companies use outbound marketing strategies. However, more marketers have recently started to embrace inbound marketing strategies for their lead generation efforts. However, it's important for companies to understand the elements that make up each marketing strategy for generating leads. This is what helps companies better the right strategy, and develop better relationships with their target audience. Inbound marketing Inbound marketing efforts are a way that companies build meaningful relationships with their customers. It happens when a customer connects with the company for more guidance in their buying journey. SEO efforts, content marketing,... Read More >

Digital commerce

2022-04-03 by EPR Staff

Digital commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and services using digital channels like the internet and mobile networks. It is widespread and crucial for setting pricing, customer acquisition, promotion, customer retention, and content development. The digital commerce landscape is transforming at a rapid rate, with changes occurring in consumer behavior. Most of the world’s business is carried out across digital channels. Benefits of digital commerce These days, it is essential to integrate digital commerce in the daily operations of a business. With the rising use of mobile devices, customers are looking for ways to make shopping more... Read More >

Website personalization

2022-04-01 by EPR Staff

Marketers use a strategy called website personalization to develop unique and customized experiences for visitors to a website. Personalization has become a factor that differentiates businesses from each other. Customers prefer experiences that are unique and relevant to themselves, rather than broad and generic experiences that are not tailored to their needs and desires. Personalization is not merely a buzzword.  It is an expected standard from businesses these days. Given below are strategies that can be adopted to create a dynamic and personalized website for a business. Personalized landing pages A landing page should be personalized. If it isn’t, visitors... Read More >

Automation in B2B Marketing Efforts

2022-03-30 by EPR Staff

Marketing automation allows companies to improve their productivity while also nurturing more leads. There are plenty of marketing automation tools specifically meant to be used by B2B companies. Those tools allow businesses in the B2B industry to improve and streamline marketing activities and tasks, which helps marketing teams stay efficient and productive while nurturing leads. There are plenty of different ways that companies can use marketing automation. For instance, companies can use automation for creating educational workflows that are sent out to new customers, nurturing leads through the help of content, setting up rewards for loyal consumers, or creating and... Read More >

Roblox as a marketing tool

2022-03-24 by EPR Staff

Roblox, created by Roblox corporation, is an online game platform. What makes it distinctive is that users can not only play games on the platform, they can also make games for it. People can also make money on the platform by monetizing games that they have developed. Range of experiences Roblox has gone from being a popular game creation tool to an experience creation tool. The word ‘game’ has been replaced by ‘experience’ across nearly the entire roblox website. Android and iOS apps have replaced the Games tab with a Discover tab. The word ‘experience’ is more appropriate for the... Read More >

What is the Role of Marketing by a Company’s Board of Directors

2022-03-15 by Ronn Torossian

The Board of Directors of an organization have usually been the fiduciary decision-makers. However, sometimes boards have sought to extend their influence. It is becoming clearer that the amount of revenue generated by a company depends on a number of factors, with marketing being an important one. This means that the duty of the board could very well extend to decisions regarding marketing and advertising. Marketing and The Board of Directors The Board of Directors is usually responsible for making financial decisions.  However, there are stipulations regarding who may become a part of the board. In recent times, many organizations... Read More >


2022-03-14 by EPR Staff
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The Office seeks written proposals from qualified Respondents in accordance with the specifications contained in this RFP for Tourism Public Relations and Marketing Services in the Target Markets.  Respondents must demonstrate the ability to perform the services specified in this RFP and shall fully understand the Travel Texas program, organization, mission, and targeted audience. Respondents are encouraged to review the information located at and Background Tourism benefits Texans. Travel and tourism continue to be one of the largest industries in the state; for example, in 2019, total direct travel spending was $83 billion and travel expenditures generated a... Read More >

On-Page SEO Strategies to Avoid

2022-03-09 by EPR Staff
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There are plenty of things that companies can do that can directly benefit their rankings on search engine results pages. Between using the right keywords, adding alt text to images, using different types of content, and using the right website structure, there are plenty of strategies that can improve SEO efforts. However, there are certain strategies that can plummet the ranking of a website, and that plenty of businesses are still using yet should be avoiding.  Content Types If there are any pieces of content that are similar to others in a different location, or an exact match to them... Read More >

Brands Utilizing Digital Channels During the Super Bowl

2022-02-22 by Ronn Torossian
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For a long time companies used various initiatives surrounding the Super Bowl to promote themselves, given that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest annual marketing events. Plenty of big brands and corporations commit large budgets to create and air their ads during the biggest game of the season, such as the ones in the examples below. However, even if a company doesn't invest a big budget into an ad during that period, it's still able to use this event to generate more attention from consumers, and achieve other marketing goals. During the first half of the Super... Read More >

B2B web personalizing elements

2022-02-21 by EPR Staff
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Website personalization is a marketing strategy that delivers personalized experiences for website visitors. Rather than having one website or landing page, a business creates custom pages for different segments of its audience, based on industry, location, or content customers read on the website of the business. Given below are strategies and tools that data-driven teams use to drive real-time web personalization for B2B. Build buyer personas In order to implement website personalization effectively, it is important for a business to learn everything about its target audience. Buyer or audience personas can be built by researching, surveying, and interviewing past, current,... Read More >

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