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Do You Yammer?

Yammer, a social network designed for businesses, mixes the connectivity and collaboration features of Facebook and Twitter with the privacy companies and other organizations need to ensure a safe work environment. This new communication tool is currently used by over 100,000 companies and organizations and relies on Ogilvy PR to boost their adoption.

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Next Generation Learns Socially at Hyper Island

If you ever wondered if there is a tech world outside Silicon Valley, you might be surprised to know that all the great minds on the Internet do not live in California. A Swedish school called Hyper Island trains the digital pioneers of the future, though so few realize it. Everything PR brings a glimpse of the future of social and digital learning.

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VTech Signs On with Ogilvy

Ogilvy PR has taken on the job of promoting VTech as the learning toy company gears up to release more products in 2010. The PR company will be using social and traditional media to get things going.

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Ogilvy New Agency of Record for USO

United Service Organizations has chosen to hire Ogilvy Public Relations to help them promote their programs and gain donations. The organization works with military families to give them a taste of home while they are abroad.