Sources of Inspiration According to Ogilvy & Mather

2011-06-24 by EPR Staff
Find inspiration

What's your source of inspiration? If you have trouble finding the right one, Ogilvy & Mather has figured out a few possible answers. For instance, according to a global survey by the company, Albert Einstein is most inspirational person, The Pyramids in Egypt are most inspirational place, and Disney is the most inspirational brand, followed closely by Coca-Cola and Google. Of course, things vary for each country. For instance, in the UK, the most inspirational person is the late Princess Diana and Apple is the most inspirational brand. Europe likes Coca-Cola more than Disney, particularly in Spain where one in... Read More >

African American and Latino Social Media Engagement in Causes

2011-06-02 by EPR Staff
Latinos social media users everything-pr

  According to a Dynamics of Cause Engagement study, one in three African-American adults (30%) and four in ten Hispanics (39%) are more likely to support a cause or social issue online than offline. The survey was conducted in late 2010 by Georgetown University's Center for Social Impact Communication and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, and features other interesting finds, crucial for learning how to target the public with various social media campaigns. The survey was conducted online, by TNS Global, among a nationally representative sample of 2,000 Americans ages 18 and over. For instance, the study reveals that there are... Read More >

Ogilvy PR Expands Chicago Corporate Practice

2011-03-11 by EPR Staff

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Ogilvy PR) expands its Chicago Corporate Practice with the addition of two senior vice presidents: Michelle Press and Drew Ferguson. Michelle Press joins the group to lead B2B and corporate technology brands. Before Ogilvy PR she served as senior vice president at GolinHarris where she led programming and client relationships in the areas of B2B marketing, corporate reputation, crisis and issues management and corporate social responsibility. Drew Ferguson will drive C-level communications and reputation risk initiatives. He comes from Ketchum and brings nearly 15 years of public relations experience with deep understanding of issues management, financial... Read More >

Do You Yammer?

2011-02-23 by EPR Staff
Yammer everything-pr

David Sacks and Adam Pisoni looked at what Facebook and Twitter were doing and took this idea further into the businesses context. 2008 -Yammer was born and now the tool is being used by over 100,000 companies and organisations. Being a Facebook -Twitter mix, people are using it to communicate, to share ideas and to connect with other colleagues. What makes Yammer unique? First it is its privacy relative to other social media platforms. You can communicate with other users within your company and stay in touch with the latest news regarding the projects you are working on. You see,... Read More >

Ogilvy PR Strengthens Technology Practice; With Louise Kehoe and Dan La Russo

2010-11-05 by EPR Staff
ogilvy public relations

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Ogilvy PR) appointed Louise Kehoe and Dan La Russo to the roles of Co-Leaders of the Western region of the agency's U.S. Technology Practice. Both professionals were already members of the Ogilvy family. Dan La Russo has been a member of Ogilvy PR’s technology practice for more than 10 years. His client experience includes the development of strategy and communications programs for Hitachi Data Systems, Crosswalk, Inc, the Storage Networking Industry Association, Sun Microsystems (Storage and Services divisions), LEGATO Software as well as Intel, Qwest Communications, Level 3 Communications and several other technology brands. In his... Read More >

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Celebrated With “I Like It” Facebook Statuses

2010-10-06 by EPR Staff
breast cancer awareness everything-pr

A Facebook meme that celebrates this Breast Cancer Awareness Month puzzles the male community. "I like it on the sofa" a female status update reads. The male friends can only wonder what... I personally like it on my desk - my handbag, that is.  So, if you wondered what was with the "I like it" messages posted randomly by girls on their Facebook walls today, now you have the answer: it all has to do with their handbags. It's a Facebook meme that celebrates this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it is not the first time the female community on... Read More >

Next Generation Learns Socially at Hyper Island

2010-09-29 by EPR Staff
Hyper Island everything-pr

Out of the mist of the so called Web 2.0 variant of the Internet, most people probably think the world wide web emanates from somewhere deep in the San Andreas fault, under Silicon Valley. Well, Californ-I-A may have been the place to be, but the world's leaders in all things digital are being forged elsewhere. If we shine the spotlight of cutting edge futures on Sweden, and something called Hyper Island, the new centurions of geekdom may well emanate from Scandinavia. Hyper Island? It sounds a little bit like my high schools class trip back in "75" to Nassau. In... Read More >

VTech Signs On with Ogilvy

2010-02-20 by EPR Staff
VTech everything-pr

VTech, a company that develops educational toys, has picked Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide to work as their agency of record. The PR company will be working with their 360° Digital Influence team to create brand awareness for their client. The focus will be on using social media, as well as traditional media to promote the learning toy company. "Our consumer team has a strong history working with toy and game clients and looks forward to providing that background and expertise to a brand and products kids love," added Sandra Saias, executive vice president of Ogilvy PR's Strategy+Planning group. "The opportunity... Read More >

Quiznos Chooses WongDoody as Agency of Record

2010-01-19 by EPR Staff
Quiznos everything-pr

Quiznos has just hired themselves a new agency of record to handle their advertising. WongDoody has already produced two short television ads for the company. The ads are focused on promoting the Quiznos’ “Choose 2” menu. This is a special menu that offers two items for just $5, perfect for the budget diner. “Quiznos isn’t just a great brand with an incredible creative heritage, they’re a brand with real vision,” said Tracy Wong, WongDoody’s chairman and executive creative director. “We are ecstatic with being given the opportunity to help them fulfill that vision long term.” WongDoody is a boutique advertising... Read More >

Ogilvy New Agency of Record for USO

2009-12-17 by EPR Staff
ogilvy public relations

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide has just announced their position as agency of record United Service Organizations (USO). The PR company will also be working to develop a Signature Campaign for the company. "We are very proud to partner with the USO as Agency of Record and on such an exciting project as its Signature Campaign," said Robert Mathias, managing director of Ogilvy/Washington. "The work the USO has done on behalf of US servicemen and women and their families is laudable. We look forward to partnering with the USO to amplify the awareness of all of the impact it offers." USO... Read More >

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