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David Sacks and Adam Pisoni looked at what Facebook and Twitter were doing and took this idea further into the businesses context. 2008 –Yammer was born and now the tool is being used by over 100,000 companies and organisations. Being a Facebook -Twitter mix, people are using it to communicate, to share ideas and to connect with other colleagues.

What makes Yammer unique? First it is its privacy relative to other social media platforms. You can communicate with other users within your company and stay in touch with the latest news regarding the projects you are working on. You see, the benefit of this tool is having the conversations and all the connectivity of Facebook and Twitter focused on your business. And second, there is less risk of confidential information escaping out of your working environment.

If you want to explore Yammer as a communication option for your business you will be presented with some pricing options and you can get also a free „Basic“ version to get you started. If you chose the “Premium“ option (5$ per month) you have advanced administrative controls, data export, custom branding and a host of other extra features.Yammer offers discounts for large enterprises, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

Most of the reviews published on Yammer’s website show positive reactions from the companies who have already adopted this social network for businesses. The benefit they all seem to quote is the possibility to connect and collaborate while still benefiting from a private work environment.

Ogilvy PR‘s Technology Practice division will manage the Yammer account and focus on conveying theirs value proposition to businesses, IT executives and end-users.

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