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Coal Country Coalition (CCC) Is Looking For A Public Relations Firm

2016-10-07 by EPR Staff

Beartooth RC&D Area, Inc. and Big Sky Economic Development jointly on behalf of a Coal Country Coalition (CCC) are seeking a public relations firm for a campaign during the development of a Coal Impact Study for approximately a four-month period. A Coal Country Coalition, comprised of three Economic Development Districts, Big Sky Economic Development, and six other stakeholder organizations, was created to secure professional assistance in analyzing the impact of coal production and generation on the economy of Montana, assessing workforce skills through an in-depth analysis and developing strategies to combat potential negative outcomes of a potential downturn in the... Read More >

Kaplow Communications – Right On Target

2016-09-21 by EPR Staff

Kaplow was founded in 1991 by Liz Kaplow. The headquarters is in midtown Manhattan, with additional offices in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The agency is full-service, offering their global array of clients marketing, communications, and PR services in the usual traditional, new media, and digital arenas. They help strategize and create content, social media efforts, community work, and form alliances to move the work forward. According to, the “essential elements of our culture are expressed by the acronym T.R.E.E – Trust, Respect, Energy, and Enthusiasm. These values are the sun, air, and water that nourish us. They encourage collaboration... Read More >

Lower Colorado River Authority Issues PR & Advertising RFP

2016-09-13 by EPR Staff
Why Some Entrepreneurs Couldn’t Wait to Leave School Behind School is not for everyone, and some of the most successful people left school without getting a degree. Some didn’t even make it to upper level-classes. Their ranks include such magnates as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. Others made it through to a bachelor’s degree, but it wasn’t necessarily pretty – Mark Cuban and Chris Burch fall more in that category. Need for More Experiential Learning Many believe that part of the problem is these high achievers are always looking for the application of principles rather than the simple academic understanding of them. Chris Burch paid his way through college with odd jobs before ultimately beginning his own fashion business and selling it less than 15 years later when it was valued at $60 million. Mark Cuban started selling sets of garbage bags when he was just 12 years old to save for a pair of shoes he wanted. He worked his way through his education and later educated himself while working. But though he’s smart and talented, school is a different way of doing things. Of course, Richard Branson’s story is a rare but wonderful journey. Branson left school at the age of 16 with problems from dyslexia making school difficult. It wasn’t that his family didn’t have smart and talented people, his mother was a ballet dancer, his father a barrister, and his grandfather a high court judge in England. But as many with dyslexia have before him, he overcame the problem to create a great future for himself. Branson’s imagination roamed free when the letters and numbers didn’t always make sense. One Area of Specialization Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both left college before graduating and their stories are so iconic they don’t need to be told. They were driven in one direction instead of following the broader requirements of a full education. It isn’t that these guys haven’t shown over the years they could excel at many things, but in their youth they were driven (as was Mark Cuban), to create something the world had not seen before in the computer field. Since their early years, all of these entrepreneurs have shown their diversity and imagination in a variety of pursuits. As they’ve succeeded, they’ve also given much of their substantial fortunes back to organizations doing good works or helping others in their own areas of specialization. School may not have come easy to them, but life didn’t hold back on the opportunities as they fought their way over various hurdles to build their empires. Some kept to certain areas and others, like Chris Burch have invested their time, talent, and resources in a wide array of industries, choosing to invest in people they find compelling rather than a business concept.

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) has issued an RFP for “advertising campaigns, publications, and media planning and placement for LCRA Parks, a Community Resources department within LCRA.”LCRA provides a multitude of vital services to Texans, including delivering electricity, managing the water supply and environment of the lower Colorado River basin, providing public recreation areas, and supporting community development. LCRA is laser-focused on providing its customers with unparalleled customer service as it provides reliable, cost-effective services to people throughout the state. LCRA's Mission is to enhance the quality of life of the Texans through water stewardship, energy and community service.... Read More >

Talent Resources And Mike Heller: Leading Celebrity Integration Agency

2016-08-25 by EPR Staff
Talent Resources And Mike Heller Leading Celebrity Integration Agency

Mike Heller is a former entertainment attorney who decided in the mid-2000s to change careers, starting his own company when he recognized the power of celebrity endorsements in boosting brand recognition. Celebrity endorsements are not new. They have been around since the 1760s when a pottery and chinaware company called “Wedgwood” used the endorsements of English royalty for marketing purposes. The company still exists today. Heller began noticing that there was a keen interest from the public in knowing what brands of products certain celebrities were using. A few examples of superstar celebrities Heller has worked with include the Kardashian... Read More >

Interesting Public Relations Jobs: Hunter PR, Senator Boxer and More..

2016-08-18 by EPR Staff
Interesting Public Relations Jobs: Hunter PR, Senator Boxer and More..

Some great PR jobs now available: Associate for Digital Communications and Community Engagement – Public Affairs – Citizen’s Committee for Children Interested in online communications, including social media, e-messages, blogging, and website work executing CCC’s? This job focuses on teaching New Yorkers about CCCs and bringing them into the discussion for advocacy and building support for the organization. You’ll need to live in NYC, a bachelor’s degree and three years’ experience, excellent communication skills, and web-based marketing experience. For all the details and to apply go here<>. Press Intern 2230302 – Capitol Hill DC – Senator Barbara Boxer’s office Want... Read More >

PR PRofiles: LaunchSquad, Marx Layne, M18 PR & more…

2016-08-17 by EPR Staff

Here’s a few brief profiles on firms which we haven’t written about before much… M18 PR M18 is based in New York and specializes in hospitality and real estate sectors with a few design clients thrown into the mix – just to keep things beautiful. The firm was founded by Michael Tavani and Meghan McGinnis. Their current client roster includes over 70 real estate properties they represent more than 30 hotels and design organizations. Their clients are in places all around the world – some of the most popular high-end vacation spots. Their Associate Director, Nicola Amos, recently said in... Read More >

What’s happening at MSLGROUP, Carmichael Lynch, W2O, and MDC Partners

2016-08-16 by EPR Staff
pr news

MSLGROUP makes major changes Within the last few days and weeks, MSLGROUP saw at least five executives leave the agency, top of the list is Andrew Silver who has been the managing director of their New York office for nearly two years. Silver worked in a similar position at Ogilvy PR and Edelman – as well as other positions at Edelman. There is no news yet on where Silver will be working next, start a firm, or take a break. Also leaving MSL are, Maury Shapiro, North American CFO – now at Cohn & Wolfe, Tara Lilien, Sr. VP of... Read More >

News from Weber Shandwick, Regan Communications, PRSA-NY, APCO, F/W/V, and Porter Novelli

2016-08-08 by EPR Staff
Weber Shandwick Logo

Weber Shandwick reps Medtronic in bid for funding from New Zealand’s Pharmac Weber Shandwick created a PR campaign for Medtronic using people who have suffered from pulmonary embolisms after hospital stays to promote devices and aids used to reduce the risk to patients after surgery. One problem, WS and Medtronic didn’t mention to the sufferers that they were trying to seal the deal selling their devices to prevent venous thromboembolism (VTE) with Pharmac. At least one patient was initially approached by a nurse to see if she would be interested in talking with the WS, but WS didn’t disclose any... Read More >

City of Inglewood, California Issues Marketing & Advertising RFP

2016-08-06 by EPR Staff
City of Inglewood, California Issues Marketing & Advertising RFP

The City of Inglewood, California is seeking a marketing and advertising company. The City of Inglewood is undergoing an unprecedented period of renewal and redevelopment spearheaded by the current Administration, local stakeholders, and national business ventures that invested billions of dollars to develop locations within the City. Developments include refurbishment and reopening of the 17,500 seat Forum, which accounts for 37% of arena concerns in the greater Los Angeles area in just two years. The City is anticipating the opening of a state- of-the-art NFL football stadium to house the Rams, 290 plus acre mixed-used development and two light rail... Read More >

Stanton PR & Stanton Communications: Two Different Companies

2016-08-05 by EPR Staff
Stanton Communications

First, they are two separate firms, so don’t get them confused thinking they are only one agency. Here’s what we found out about each of them individually, as well as some of their similarities, and differences. Stanton Public Relations and Marketing Stanton Public Relations and Marketing (originally Stanton Crenshaw Communications) was founded in 1995 by Alex Stanton the current CEO. Their offices are on Third Avenue in New York City. They specialize in marketing services, PR, government affairs, and business development working primarily in the financial services and insurance, professional services, tech, education, media and marketing, and private capital and... Read More >

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