Cumberland County College seeks ad agency

2017-08-26 by EPR Staff
cumberland community college

Purpose / Background: Cumberland County College is a community college operating in the State of New Jersey. The Awarded Agency must demonstrate an ability to fulfill the College’s expectations in the following areas in a cost-effective and timely manner: 1.​The Agency will position Cumberland County College in a distinctive, well-defined way in the minds of its target audiences. The Agency will research advertising strategies and will recommend and implement an annual advertising plan that is consistent with the College’s objectives. The media planning process must begin as early as possible. 2.​The Agency must qualify itself on its ability to provide... Read More >

Beat Back Your Self-Doubt and Lead

2017-08-25 by EPR Staff
Beat Back Your Self-Doubt and Lead from Your Strengths

It’s a dirty little secret in business management circles, but a lot of leaders struggle with self-doubt. We have to keep a brave face out in the spotlight and in front of our team, but there’s still a lot going on behind the scenes. While for some, this can be crippling and a job change might be in order, that doesn’t mean we all don’t deal with some level of self-doubt from time to time. When those times come, we can either pack up our tent and quit or push through it. The latter is almost always the better choice,... Read More >

Essential Metrics to Measure Success

2017-08-24 by EPR Staff
Essential Metrics to Measure Initial Success

To get anywhere you have to start heading in the right direction and to build anything, you must have a firm foundation. Makes sense, right? Then why do so many young entrepreneurs and startup businesses pay so little attention to key early metrics when they’re just getting started? Is it hubris? Do we think “it can’t happen to me” so we ignore the facts? Who knows. What we can know is whether or not we’re being honest with ourselves as we build our businesses. Have we addressed these concerns, and are we building our dreams in such a way that... Read More >

City of Phoenix Issues RFP for Media Monitoring.

2017-08-18 by EPR Staff

The City of Phoenix is the largest municipality in the state of Arizona, and the fifth largest municipality in the United States, serving more than 1.62 million residents. Its workforce of over 14,000 employees provides a variety of services to meet residents' needs, ranging from neighborhood development, recreation facilities and activities, aviation operations, recycling and public works projects, and more. Phoenix has also become a destination of choice for organizations looking to host world-class sporting and cultural events. The Communications Office supports these activities with media relations and community outreach across all media platforms. As part of these responsibilities, staff... Read More >

Measuring Your Nonprofit’s Impact on Social Media

2017-08-15 by EPR Staff
Measuring Your Nonprofit’s Impact on Social Media

These days most people have come to grips with the notion that they need to have some kind of active social media presence. The internet is constantly evolving, and you need to keep up with those changes. We saw it with websites. Remember the days when just having a website was a cool thing? Then came the days when you had to have something online to let people know you existed. Now days though, just having a site up isn’t enough. It has to be responsive, and you need a version that looks just as good on an iPhone as... Read More >

Why can’t audiences get enough of Sharknado

2017-08-14 by EPR Staff

There’s a popular meme making its way around social media these days. It’s an encouraging sort that reminds people not to keep quiet, even if they think their idea will never work because, “someone once sat in a pitch meeting and said, ‘tornados full of sharks’.” And that’s it. The meme works because no one can understand the success of the Sharknado franchise. Yes, franchise. There have been several of these movies now. Millions can’t understand why. The confusion is so universal it’s literally become a meme for ridiculous or silly. And, yet, the movies also have millions of fans.... Read More >

Collier County Board of County Commissions Issues Lobbying RFP

2017-08-10 by EPR Staff

The Collier County (FLORIDA) Board of County Commissioners has issued an RFP for a firm to provide lobbying services on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners and the Collier County community in Tallahassee where they advocate positions of the county, monitor actions of the State of Florida Governor and Legislature, as well as other state agencies. Provider shall perform the following services, including: A) Meet and work with County staff to recommend, review, critique and prioritize proposed legislative priorities ahead of the legislative sessions; B) Participate in presenting the proposed legislative priorities to the BCC; C) Devise and faithfully... Read More >

Bismarck State College Seeks Ad Agency

2017-08-08 by EPR Staff
bismarck seeks public relations agency

Bismarck State College (BSC) is seeking an advertising agency. BSC’s College Relations team is seeking to develop a BSC-branded advertising campaign targeted primarily toward traditional students, ages 16-24. The campaign will launch in the fall of 2018 and to be leveraged for a minimum of two full years. The campaign package will include the plan and timeline; creative “wow” messaging; and collateral that balances traditional and digital media to reach our key audiences. Background: More than 75 years ago, Bismarck State College put down roots as a small community college. Since then we have become a visionary college focused on... Read More >

East Ramapo Central School District Issues Public Relations RFP

2017-08-03 by EPR Staff

East Ramapo Central School District (ERCSD) is seeking the services of a public relations firm to support aspects of its communication with various publics. Typical communication support provided by the public relations firm will include: press releases to media; press coverage of District events; positive promotion of the District; managing of social media coverage; crisis communication support; enhance district/community relationships, improve customer service/programs, and promote a positive public image. The District also maintains its own website, The East Ramapo Central School District is located in Rockland County, New York and operates an early childhood center, four elementary schools for... Read More >

What Does the Future Hold for Marissa Mayer?

2017-07-28 by EPR Staff
What does the future hold for Marissa Mayer

Yahoo is now under the umbrella of Verizon, and that left one CEO too many on the employee organizational chart. Marissa Mayer had to go. But what will the former Yahoo CEO do next? She opened up about that question in a recent interview with Business Insider. Right out of the gate, the popular former CEO made it clear she wants to erase that “former” designation. It won’t be at Yahoo, but she wants to captain the ship somewhere … and Marissa has some ideas. And the Business Insider piece tried to offer at least one other: Uber. Earlier this... Read More >

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