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Beat Back Your Self-Doubt and Lead from Your Strengths 0

Beat Back Your Self-Doubt and Lead

It’s a dirty little secret in business management circles, but a lot of leaders struggle with self-doubt. We have to keep a brave face out in the spotlight and in front of our team,...


Why can’t audiences get enough of Sharknado

There’s a popular meme making its way around social media these days. It’s an encouraging sort that reminds people not to keep quiet, even if they think their idea will never work because, “someone...

What does the future hold for Marissa Mayer 0

What Does the Future Hold for Marissa Mayer?

Yahoo is now under the umbrella of Verizon, and that left one CEO too many on the employee organizational chart. Marissa Mayer had to go. But what will the former Yahoo CEO do next?...