APCO PR: Cold Steel Tool of Big Business

2018-06-04 by EPR Staff
APCO Worldwide PR

Yesterday I had the pleasant opportunity to take a look at Waggener Edstrom, the second most profitable PR agency in the world. In keeping with my promise, and out of honest curiosity, I am traveling down this list of world shaping PR in an effort to essentially evaluate their online image. Today journey takes me to the website of APCO Worldwide, the third largest firm in the world with something over $97 million in 2007 fees and over 500 employees worldwide. APCO Worldwide was founded in 1984 by its current President and CEO Margery Kraus. Since then Mrs. Kraus has... Read More >

Marina Maher Communications Celebrates 25 Years in Business and a New Website

2018-06-03 by EPR Staff
Marina Maher Communications everything-pr

Marina Maher Communications To celebrate 25 years in business, Marina Maher Communications (MMC) re-launched today its website with a new design, more fit to represent the company in a highly competitive online world. This is another online representation that conveys a lot about a company: the site has a crisp, elegant design, with flash elements that showcase four client case studies on the index page. The dominant color, also the color of the brand, illustrates a feminine approach to business – as a matter of fact there’s no man in the MMC team, even the dog mascot is a female.... Read More >

Beckerman PR: A New Jersey Mid-Size Independent

2018-06-03 by EPR Staff
Beckerman Logo

Who is Beckerman PR? Beckerman PR is an independent PR firm headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, with additional offices in New York, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Michael Beckerman founded the firm in 1988 and continues as Chairman, but has turned over the day-to-day running of the firm to his partner, Keith Zakheim, CEO. Mr. Beckerman recently announced a new entrepreneurial endeavor, at The News Funnel, a website gathering all the news and information about real estate and presenting it in a personal fashion to members. But without joining the site you can still see real estate news happening in your... Read More >

Brooke Hammerling: Brew PR Party Girl turned PR Princess

2018-06-03 by EPR Staff
Brooke Hammerling everything-pr

Brooke Hammerling founded her PR agency Brew Media Relations in 2005. Brew also happens to be Brooke’s long-time nickname. The CEO of Brew is Dena Cook. Brew PR has offices in Santa Monica (where Dena Cook usually works), San Francisco, and New York City. Who is Brooke Hammerling? Brooke attended Rollins College in Winter Park Florida – not far from Orlando and according to the Brew website, she did actually learn a lot despite the tropical location. However, we did not find any mention of what her degree or what field of study was her focus. At some point after her... Read More >

The History of PR Firm Sunshine Sachs

2018-06-02 by EPR Staff
Sunshine Sachs Office

Sunshine Sachs: The History of New York based, Ken Sunshine owned, PR Firm Sunshine Sachs. Who is Sunshine Sachs PR? This company and its players are a bit of a mystery. They are everywhere and no where. Getting a company history is difficult. Especially since all they have for a website is an electronic business card. Their confidence is enticing. Hailing from Long Island and graduating from Cornell University, Ken Sunshine entered the 1970s social and political public relations stage in New York. He served as political advisor to some notable figures. They range from Presidential Candidate George McGovern, to New York City Mayor David... Read More >

Ironman CEO PR Challengers: Aaron Kwittken & Peter Shankman

2018-06-02 by EPR Staff
Ironman andrew messick

The creators of the Ironman fundraising foot-race are seeking sponsorships to help the event grow.  The participants of Ironman include those able to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles in less than seventeen hours. Obviously a maximal degree of commitment, perseverance, and discipline are required to foster realistic hope of completing the requisite training to compete seriously in Ironman. Here are some of the competitors: Andrew Messick - The Real Ironman The CEO of Ironman, Andrew Messick organizes and oversees incredible middle and long distance races around the world, and is responsible for expanding his brand... Read More >

Howard Rubenstein, Steven Rubenstein & Richard Rubenstein: A Public Relations Dynasty

2018-06-01 by EPR Staff
Howard Rubenstein

In the world of New York City Public Relations, the closest thing to a dynasty is surely the Rubenstein family. The Rubenstein family has been a part of New York City public relations for decades. [caption id="attachment_58792" align="alignleft" width="360"] Howard Rubenstein[/caption] Who is Howard Rubenstein? Starting with Howard Rubenstein, the father, also a PR genius and one-of-a-kind. He remains the Chairman of Rubenstein Strategic Communications, which he started in his parent’s dining room in 1954. He tells how he opened his first office after his parents refused to answer the family phone with the business name. Howard – now 83... Read More >

Dukas Linden PR: A New York Public Relations Firm

2018-05-31 by EPR Staff
Dukas PR

Like many New York City PR firms, Dukas Linden PR is always busy, and every courtesy is offered to people walking in their door – sometimes they do good work and sometimes they do not.  It’s one of those agencies which is perceived as very much hit or miss. Dukas started down the PR path during his college years when he attended an event talking about Lebanon and their battles with Israel. He saw how the press seemed to tilt in one direction and because of the tilt, foreign policy tilted that way too. He said he wanted to do... Read More >

Kamal Hotchandani: CEO of Haute Living – Reaching Luxury and Winning in Media

2018-05-18 by EPR Staff
Kamal Hotchandani Haute Living Logo - PR News

Haute Living is a media company that is all about luxury and the top entrepreneurs and other movers and shakers in the world. They put out a bi-monthly magazine in New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles – and their online property is international and covers mainly the four cities listed above plus Dallas, Las Vegas, Boston, Dubai, and London. The company is headquartered in Miami - and in a struggling media environment is a publication which is hitting growth and goals. Haute Living keeps winning. Haute Living Readership Information The magazine is found in high-end venues, and via... Read More >

Can You Use a Natural Disaster to Market Your Cause?

2018-02-12 by EPR Staff
Can you Use a Natural Disaster to Market Your Cause?

[caption id="attachment_91101" align="aligncenter" width="286"] Photo credit @AutumnMacIntosh[/caption] Over the first half of December, the news in the western US was covered in ash, smoke, and wildfires – about five big ones going in California. Frequent one-minute blurbs burst into television time, and the nightly reports, even outside of California shared stories, including firefighters joining the battle from surrounding states at least two or three layers deep. Something interesting happened though, people came together to help where they could, and local charities dug deep to meet local needs of people and wildlife. It’s an interesting thing to watch as good works are... Read More >

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