San Diego PR Agency Needed

San Diego PR Agency Needed

The selected consultant will recommend and execute strategies that aim to educate customers and stakeholders about upcoming improvements to the regional tolling customer experience including the introduction of new 6C toll transponders, the upgrade to the automated pay points for cash and credit card paying customers and upgraded service options made possible through a new back office system (BOS). As part of the strategy development, the consultant will research and evaluate SANDAG’s current branding of the SR 125 toll road, also known as the South Bay Expressway, and the I-15 Express Lanes, in order to form recommendations that will best unify the facilities under a regional tolling network and enable a variety of marketing and public outreach efforts to educate residents about FasTrak in the San Diego region. The selected consultant is expected to perform any approved FasTrak customer engagement, marketing, public outreach, and branding services over the contract period.


SANDAG is a legislatively created regional government agency that provides technical and informational resources as well as planning and development of regional infrastructure for the area’s 18 incorporated cities and the county government, who collectively formed the “Association of Governments.” SANDAG also serves as the federally designated metropolitan planning organization and Regional Transportation Commission for the region. Through SANDAG, local governments work together to solve current problems and plan for the future. SANDAG builds consensus, makes strategic plans, obtains and allocates resources, constructs infrastructure and provides information on a broad range of topics pertinent to the San Diego region’s quality of life. SANDAG is working to deploy a BOS to consolidate all FasTrak customer account management and to support all customer service functions connected to the South Bay Expressway and the I-15 Express Lanes, which are currently operated with separate BOS and separate customer support teams. As part of this effort, SANDAG will be selecting a consultant from among its current Marketing and Communications On-Call to develop an initial BOS launch communications plan, develop initial messaging, and make updates to several customer service materials (some of the work from Tasks 1 and 3 of the enclosed Scope of Work). This interim work is anticipated to be completed prior to the launch of the new BOS in early 2019.

Additionally, as a part of a statewide effort, the California toll operators also are seeking to harmonize the various operating policies and procedures that affect the customer experience, particularly for those FasTrak customers that travel on other California toll facilities, with the rollout of new 6C transponders.

Scope of Work:

The selected consultant will guide SANDAG staff through a branding discovery exercise to determine a branding recommendation that aligns San Diego Region FasTrak facilities whether that may be a new, regional brand, or updates to existing facility brandmarks. The consultant will then develop a creative brief, complete any approved branding updates, help the team to build consensus, and ultimately deliver a brand guide to aid in the production of branding updates execution. The consultant will then complete the work necessary to implement approved recommendations by updating all marketing and client communication material, as well as develop and execute a communications plan to support the BOS transition and its customer enhancements to FasTrak customers and stakeholders. The consultant also will be responsible for supporting the branding of new tolling devices and materials, much of which will be guided by the statewide California Toll Operators Committee (CTOC) and then communicating a state-mandated transponder replacement to prospective and existing FasTrak customers. Finally, the consultant will develop a marketing and outreach plan to educate residents about FasTrak in the San Diego region.

Due Date:

October 9th


Jenny Russo

Contract Administrator

San Diego Association of Governments

401 B Street, Suite 800

San Diego, CA 92101

Shift Communications and Edelman PR have California presence.

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