Colorado Non-Profit Organization Wants a Strong Communications PR Company

Colorado Education Association - RFP PR

The Colorado Education Association (CEA) is an independent, professional organization that advocates for the interests of public education employees and promotes quality public education, preschool through postsecondary.

CEA is requesting proposals from public relations and strategic communications firms to assist in promoting CEA, the education profession, and quality public education to the general public. CEA has a substantial public relations budget for a not-for-profit organization generated by an annual assessment of the membership.

Primary Goals:

1. To position and promote the Colorado Education Association as a credible voice about public education issues;

2. To enhance the image of CEA among all influencers of public policy including elected officials, opinion makers, the business community, parents and community members;

3. To increase public understanding of our members’ work and their commitment to public education and the education profession.

Plan will be for three years, and include an external communications plan focused on advancing the reputation of CEA among various public groups and entities, including public officials, the business community, civic organizations, and the electorate; Creative media plan including digital, radio, television, print, social and earned media; Ongoing recommendations for maximizing the limited resources of the organization; Become a resource for local, statewide and national media outlets; Building capacity to enhance internal communication structure of the organization.

Proposals are due by September 22 – inquiries for more details to:

Rob Kellogg, Manager, Center for Data and Technology Advancement Colorado Education Association

1500 Grant Street Denver, Colorado 80203

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