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Public Relations professionals recently have been adapting to changes from new technology. For example, PR people specializing in publicity must factor in consumer confidence in brands as they compete with others gaining attention independently through social media efforts.

That is why Online Reputation Management, also known as ORM, is becoming increasingly more crucial to all brands that manage a digital presence. 

Traditional methods of PR will never go away, but the element of technology and a knowledgeable customer base much also be considered. And security issues come into play as well. Such is the case with the recent bewilderment of public viewers and actual users regarding the Ashley Madison scandal.

When considering this incident, it is hard not to recognize how closely many skirt to the edge of what the general public believes is acceptable behavior. The need of so many to cover up their tracks fuels a salacious appetite, which then creates the need for reputation management services.

Online Reputation Management Public Relations

For Reputation Management Consultants’ CEO, Eric Schiffer, business has been booming. According to Mr. Schiffer, anxiety from celebs, execs and politicians have kept his phones ringing for the past few weeks and will likely continue well into the future.

Schiffer believes his clients, “. …have to quickly remove all ties to Ashley Madison and protect their online reputation.” As we can clearly understand, reputation management today is just as important offline as it is on. The firm Eric runs charges between five to six digits a month for service, and the apparent need to manage online reputation justifies that price tag for many.

The online interface poses new threats many PR professionals don’t know how to handle. Sometimes closing a Facebook or Twitter account is not enough to erase the history of bad decisions and poor associations. It seems obvious how important online reputation is and how little effort has been made in the past to protect it.

Schiffer’s clients now fear shame, financial instability and even death threats. If you haven’t had a problem yet, be proactive about your reputation.

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