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Marketing RFP Issued for the New Regional Economic Development Website

2022-03-08 by EPR Staff
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The Cariboo Regional District wishes to retain an experienced, qualified contractor to implement on online marketing campaign to promote the new regional economic development website to investors and job seekers. The ultimate goal is to fill current labour market gaps. These labour gaps are identified as high priorities in the “Local Action, Collective Impact… 2020-2025 Labour Market Strategy for the Cariboo Chilcotin Region” produced by MDC Insight and can be found at Submission Instructions Proposals can be sent on the prescribed forms via email to Beth Holden, Regional Economic & Community Development Officer at Deliverables What: a) Attract... Read More >


2022-03-07 by EPR Staff
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In  accordance  with  the  informal competition  procedures  provided  for in  11  Iowa Administrative  Code  rule  118.9,  the  Department  of  Human  Services,  Woodward Resource  Center,  Woodward,  Iowa  (the  Agency) is seeking  a  contractor  or contractors (Service  Provider)  to  create  and  run  television  advertising  campaigns  within  a  70-mile radius  of  Agency.  The  Agency  reserves the  rights  to  award to  multiple  Contractors .  The Agency  anticipates that  the  term  of  any  resulting  contract  will be  two  (2) months beginning  on  March  1,  2022.   Bidders interested  in  providing  these  services  should  submit  proposals to  the  Glenwood Resource  Center,  711  South  Vine  Street,  Glenwood,  Iowa ... Read More >

Advertising RFP Issued By State of South Carolina 

2022-03-05 by EPR Staff
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The  purpose  of  this  solicitation  is  to  establish  a  source  to  provide  digital  advertising placement  and  a  strategic plan  to  assist  in  recruitment  by  increasing  lead  generation  and  conversions  of  applications  and  hires.  This  will include  various  types  of  digital  advertising  directed  to  applicable  landing  pages,  SCDC  website,  or  application site  for  the  purpose  of recruiting  and  increasing  staffing.  The  primary  goal  of  this  campaign  is  to  drastically increase  the  number  of  applications,  and  subsequent  hires,  through  lead  generation  and  digital  advertising tactics.  This  will  at  minimum  be  a  statewide  campaign  but  can  potentially  include neighboring  states  or  other geographies  of  interest  as  discussed  during  campaign  planning.  Scope of Work  VENDOR REQUIREMENTS   1. During  the  period  of  performance,  the  SCDC  will  request  certain  digital  advertising formats  as detailed  below  in  the  following  requirements.   2. The vendor  shall  propose  geographic  targeting  based  on  the  SCDC  Facility  locations  and  additional locations  of  interest.  (i.e.  hospitals,  unemployment  offices,  etc.)   3. The SCDC will  either  direct  the  design  of  their  ads  with  the  assistance  of  the  contractor  who  will  be responsible  for  ad  creation,  or  the  SCDC  will  provide  creative content  to  the  contractor  to  purchase and  place  the  ads  on  behalf  of  SCDC  in accordance  with  the  campaign  strategy.   4. The vendor  will  be  responsible  for  campaign  management,  to  include  changes  or  reallocation  of budget,  at  no  additional  charge  (i.e.  no  monthly  or  yearly  management  fee)   5. It  is  recommended  that  the  vendor  can  provide  design  services  at  no  charge.  However,  the  SCDC can  provide  ad  content  for  the  contractor  to  place,  if  needed. Vendors  must  specify  whether  they  are able  to  provide  design  services  in  their  bid  submissions.   6. The vendor  must  create  and/or  place  the  digital  ads  compliant  with  the  SCDC’s requirements  as discussed  during  campaign  planning  and  throughout  the  entire  flight.   7. The vendor  must  easily  direct  the  created  digital  advertisements  to  the  targets  the SCDC  specifies (ie:  Landing  page,  SCDC  Jobs  page,  etc.)   8. The vendor  must  be  able  to  track  and  measure  conversion  rate  to  show  campaign  efficacy  and desired  result  of  increased  applications  to  hires.  Vendor  must  be  able  to provide  SCDC  exact number  and/or  names  of  individuals  who  applied  to  and  were hired  by  the  SCDC  due  to  digital advertising  campaign  influence  via  ads  delivered.   9. The vendor  must  be  able  to  provide  the  SCDC  with  a  list  of  leads  and  contact  information  from  data capture,  such  as  form  fills,  on  at  least  a  weekly  basis  for  the SCDC  to  follow  up  on  leads  in  a  timely fashion.  10. The  vendor  must  provide  monitoring  of  social  media  ads  to  include  hiding  or  deleting  negative  or inappropriate  comments  at  no  additional  charge  to  SCDC.   11. The  vendor  must  use  data  that  undergoes  a  minimum  monthly  or  30-day  hygiene  to  ensure  current datasets  are  being  used  to  establish  audiences  and  deliver  ad  impressions.   12. The  vendor  must  be  able  to  create  and  manage  the  SCDC’s  digital  advertising  campaign  in-house without  outsourcing  the  work  to  the  vendor’s  parent  company  or  an  additional  outside  entity  to ensure  higher  efficiency,  faster  turnaround  time,  and  more hands-on  direction  of  campaign.   13. The  vendor  must  be  able  to  implement  requested  changes  to  campaign  within  3  business  days  of  the request  unless  otherwise  specified  and/or  agreed  upon  by  the  SCDC.   14. The  vendor  must  offer  a  minimum  of  the  following  digital  advertising  tactics: Programmatic, Search,  Endemic  Sites,  Native,  Digital  OOH,  Streaming  Audio,  Video,  Social,  Mobile,  Beacon, Connected  TV.   15. The  vendor  must  be  able  to  deliver  ads  to  requested  audiences  including,  but  not limited  to:  Adults 21+,  Adults  21-49,  active  and  passive  job  seekers,  AA  women  25-39,  Average  HHI  under  $50,000, Average  HHI  $70,000+,  nurses,  security,  Military/Veterans, law  enforcement,  food  service  workers, teachers,  caseworkers,  licensed  mental  health  professionals,  recreation  specialists,  etc.  Vendor should  be  able  to  show  the  number  of  impressions  available  for  requested  audiences.   16. The  vendor  must  offer  ad  placement  on  a  minimum  of  seven  of  the  following social  media platforms:  Facebook,  Instagram,  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Snapchat,  YouTube, Pinterest,  TikTok.   17. A digital  dashboard  must  be  available  for  the  SCDC  access  once  the  campaign begins.  Submission  SUBMIT OFFER BY (Opening Date/Time): 03/08/2022 @ 10:00:00a.m. (See "Deadline For Submission Of Offer" provision)   After  award,  all  deliveries  shall  be  made  and  all  services  provided  to  the  following  address,  unless  otherwise specified:  SC  SCDC  –  Recruiting  Division  –  Columbia,  SC29210  Agencies... Read More >

Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority Request For Proposal – Public Relations

2022-03-01 by EPR Staff
Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority

REGISTRATION FOR SUBMISSION: This announcement is a summary of the Request for Proposal for Public Relations services. Interested agencies MUST contact Rita LeClair,, no later than 3:00 pm on 3/10/2022 to register and receive the complete RFP.  Proposals from firms not registered will not be accepted. CLIENT BRIEF OverviewThe Crystal Coast is a quaint coastal destination along the North Carolina Atlantic seashore. Tourism promotion is carried out through the efforts of the Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority (hereinafter referred to as the CCTDA). The purpose of the CCTDA is to attract visitors to Carteret County, generating tourism-related revenues, and enhance the economy... Read More >

Creative RFP Issued By Save the Children 

2022-02-20 by EPR Staff
Save The Children Still 01 max 1200x675 1

Save the Children is seeking the services of a Global Creative Partner to provide creative services for Shift campaigns from 2022-2023 (2 years), across a growing number of Shift implementing countries (currently six).  Our Global Creative Partner will play an essential role in the delivery of the Shift model by deploying creative talent to lead the Creative Storm component of our campaign co-design process.  We believe that Shift participants should have access to leading creative talent in order to help transform their ideas into creative campaigns that will convey messages to mobilize audiences.  Our creative partner will help us develop... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By San Diego

2022-02-19 by EPR Staff
San Diego PR Agency Needed

The  County  of  San Diego  (County)  Department  of  Public  Works  (DPW),  Watershed Protection Program  (WPP)  seeks qualified  Contractors  to  design,  develop, implement,  and  evaluate  the  existing  program  for  a  comprehensive  behavior change  marketing campaign to  improve  stormwater  quality  through public  education, public  participation,  and community engagement. A  behavior  change  marketing campaign  is  envisioned  to  be  research-driven, integrating techniques  that  use psychological  principles of  behavior  change  to  directly  target  variables  that  encourage  or  inhibit  action. Per  the Phase  I  Municipal  Separate Storm  Sewer  Systems  (MS4)  Permit  Order  Number  R92015-0100 (Permit  No. CAS010266),   County of  San Diego MS4 Permit,  the  County is... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority

2022-02-18 by EPR Staff
Connecticut Port Authority Issues RFP For Communications and Marketing Services

Scope of Work CHFA is seeking qualified organizations to serve as a MyHomeCT Resource Center (“Resource Center”). Households in the State will need different levels of support as they navigate their housing challenges. The goal of each Resource Center is to provide comprehensive broad-based support that will assist a wide range of impacted households. CHFA has identified a list of activities that are necessary (each grouping of similarly skilled activities, a “Role”) in order to meet the needs of MyHomeCT and serve the community. The Resource Center must have current staff qualified to perform the tasks associated with each of... Read More >

Market Research RFP Issued By Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA)

2022-02-18 by EPR Staff
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The  General  Appropriations  Act,  Act  88,  SLH  2021,  appropriated funds  for  the fiscal year beginning July 1,  2021, and  ending June  30,  2022  and  included  funds  for  the  promotion  of Hawaii agricultural  products  through  marketing  activities.    The Sponsorship  and  Product Promotion  RFP  22-03-MDB  requests  proposals  from  Hawaii-registered  non-profit agricultural  associations  and  non-profit commodity  organizations  for  sponsorships  and product promotion activities  that will  be conducted  within the  State.   SPP22  will  also consider  marketing  activities  conducted  out-of-state that enhance the competitiveness  of Hawaii agricultural  products  and  provide extraordinary  benefit to  the  members  of  the nonprofit association or  non-profit commodity  organization. To achieve... Read More >

Event Services RFP Issued By Long Beach

2022-02-14 by EPR Staff
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The City of Long Beach (the “City”), is soliciting requests for proposals (RFP) from qualified Professional Race Timing & Event Service providers and must include all labor, materials, personnel and equipment needed to provide race timing and event service support for the City’s Annual Race Series. Interested parties must demonstrate qualifications, experience, abilities and costs associated to accomplish and support all aspect of the prescribed scope of work. Race events take place throughout the year, with a vigorous summer season campaign. The City’s Annual Race Series schedule includes, but may not be limited to: · February Snowflake 4 Mile Race;... Read More >


2022-02-09 by EPR Staff
Alaska Grown Whole Grain Products

Alaska Grown Whole Grain Products Background In the past, merchandising of Made In Alaska promotional items such as but not limited to: t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, collectible pins, stickers, hats, mugs, maps, posters, and other items was done though the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, Public Information Centers, located in Anchorage and Fairbanks, or through regional park offices. Merchandise was purchased by Made In Alaska and provided to the Public Information Centers or regional offices for display and over-the-counter sale. Scope of Work Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA) is looking for qualified contractors to partner in the design, production,... Read More >

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