Public Relations News Updates: Rubenstein PR, Omnicom PR Firms Down… and More?

Rubenstein Public Relations

Rubenstein Associates helping Chipotle It’s been a rough year or so for the “healthy” Chipotle food chain, proving not so healthy on several occasions and in numerous locations. They recently added Rubenstein Associates to assist with crisis reputation and management issues faced because of the food-born illness shut-downs. Chipotle, based in Denver, has been dealing […]

Rubenstein PR, Dukas PR & ICR

Art of Public Relations

The art of public relations has been an essential component of marketing and developing brand images for over a century. Whether maintaining a pristine image or fixing a damaged reputation, PR companies shape the way people see many of their favorite brands and personalities. Subsequently, it comes as no surprise PR companies often see the […]

Gotham Public Relations and Factory PR

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Both Gotham Public Relations and Factory PR have offices in New York City and another location. For Gotham it is London, for Factory it is Los Angeles. They also both have a number of well-known national and international companies as clients. Both firms have their bread and butter efforts focused on artsy type clients. And […]