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FUNDING HELP ON DEMAND: FUNDKITE Small businesses in the know are already aware of FundKite and the business funding that it not only makes available year-round, but the speed, integrity, and service at which the firm operates.  FundKite, one of the quickest growing concerns in the Merchant Cash … [Read more...]

Businesses for Global Goals

Global Business

The decision made at the UN Assembly this fall, which committed to end poverty by 2030 may seem like a lofty plan. This decision has probably left many business owners scratching their heads and wondering what it has to do with them. The truth is, the advantages for a business to get involved is … [Read more...]

Growth Hacking Your Business

growth hacking

These days, more and more start-up companies and small businesses are interested in generating company growth without spending a great deal of money. If this is the case for you, you should know that you can use a wide variety of growth hacking strategies to make it happen. Although defined … [Read more...]