Small businesses in the know are already aware of FundKite and the business funding that it not only makes available year-round, but the speed, integrity, and service at which the firm operates.  FundKite, one of the quickest growing concerns in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry, began filling a critical funding void following an SBA report that only one in ten businesses gets loans from their own banks.

Approval for $100,00 up to $2 million is quick and usually takes just a few hours.  Need a fund reserve to accommodate that sudden rush or unanticipated expenses during certain times of the year?  Apply for pre-approval so that funds are there when and as needed.


The best thing that can happen to a business is to get so flooded with sales so that all inventory is swallowed up quickly and much more is required to keep up with demand.  But sometimes those extra invoices and changes in cash flow can create challenges.  Lowering prices helps to compete and bring in more customers but also affects net income since more sales are required to generate the same or greater net revenue.

A bigger inventory in anticipation of great holiday sales may also require more storage space and increase costs.  And this doesn’t even include planned holiday bonuses for staff in appreciation of their hard work and loyalty.

People have savings accounts to tide them over in case of emergencies or even layoffs.  Small businesses need them, as well.   That’s where having access to FundKite funds is an invaluable safety valve for short-term funding.  The money will be there when needed, especially if it’s been pre-approved.


FundKite makes applying easy with a simple, one-page application.  Just about any company that’s been in business at least a year and can provide four months’ worth of bank statements is eligible to apply. 

As soon as that information is received, a FundKite specialist is assigned to help guide and advise clients through the remainder of the process.  This is one of the many things that makes FundKite unique.

These specialists use simple and plain English to talk to potential clients through what might appear to be an onerous process.  Within 24 hours, that specialist also provides potential clients with funding options.  Once an option is selected, funds are available within hours.


Although FundKite serves all sizes of businesses, most of the firm’s clients are small businesses.  FundKite believes in and feels very strongly about small businesses, which make up 75% of our economy.

To further support its clients, FundKite also publishes marketing and business tips on its website,  It presently serves clients in 17 different industries.

FundKite is located on Wall Street, the center of global financial activity.  Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and recipient of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, FundKite is a business’ go-to funding partner.  FundKite has also been featured in just about every business publication and TV network program.

What’s there to lose but a few minutes?

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