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Tennesee Public Relations Marketing

The State of Tennessee has recently launched a wide-ranging marketing, PR & advertising RFP, focused on the “Tennessee’s Drive to 55 initiatives.”

The Tennessee’s Drive to 55 initiatives relies largely on the recruitment, retention, and completion of adults in higher education. Currently there are 50,000 adult undergraduates enrolled in public institutions of higher education, and the prospective adult student pool of Tennesseans with some college credit but no degree is over 900,000.

The Reconnect + Complete effort within the Drive to 55 initiatives seeks to reach out to adults with at least 50 percent of the credits they need to obtain an Associate or Bachelor’s degree and encourage them to re-enroll and complete their education.  The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) is seeking to procure a Contractor to launch a media, marketing, and advertising campaign to provide design, production, placement, reporting, and administrative reconciliation services to assist THEC in its efforts to encourage adult Tennesseans (age 25 and older) to complete a college degree.

The selected agency will work in publicity, and also design and produce a media campaign that include creation and development of graphics, slogans, symbols, and announcements for television spots (ads), radio spots, billboards, and videos.

Full details on the project are available here.

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