Tespo Issues RFP for a PR Agency

Tespo Issues RFP for a PR Agency
Tespo Issues RFP for a PR Agency

This is an RFP for a public relations agency. The RFP is to identify qualified agencies to provide public relations duties to increase national and local awareness of the Tespo brands and divisions. Candidate evaluation criteria include accurate response to RFP, relevant experience, innovative approach, quality of products and services, and competitive cost.


Lifeboost, Inc. (dba “Tespo”) began selling supplementation products in 2016 with a unique countertop dispenser.  During the last 12 months the Company’s product line, funding, management team and strategy have dramatically changed, and the Company is now ready to launch an incredible digital health platform with a series of new products.  The Company is an innovation leader and is closing the loop on information gathering in the home in order to provide better care, insight and outcomes for our customers and patients.  

Our mission is to empower people and teams with health goals or chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives using our unified health platform.  We will be launching several new products during the next 18 months including a mail order pharmacy. Our innovating concept and vision to help people was recognized by the leaders of CES and we were asked to present this year on the “Future of the in-home pharmacy”.  A link is provided here in-order to provide you with a better understanding of our mission.  

We are seeking a passionate firm that will partner with us to highlight our technology, IP and assist us in defining the future of our brand.  For more information on Tespo, please visit our website at www.gettespo.com.

Tespo is creating a personalized approach to managing your health through a unified health platform. We leverage readily available smart technology so you can better understand and manage your health & wellbeing. Our platform tracks daily adherence and will correlate your body’s outputs as captured by digital devices with actual adherence dates. We personalize your prevention path and provide information in an actionable manner that can be shared with loved ones or caregivers as necessary.  We do this by connecting electronic wearables, in-house devices, and medical monitoring devices, such as blood pressure monitors and wireless scales, while bonding you, and your daily health data with your personal practitioners to inform them of your care. Your loved ones or caregivers can view real time data in-order to support you in achieving your health goals. Our platform will provide support through a series of nudges, notifications and alerts in order to assist you in improving compliance and providing a pathway for improved patient insight for doctors.

Scope of Work:

  1. 1. Request for Proposals

Tespo is looking to receive proposals from potential Public Relation agencies. The selected agency must have a proven track record of working with startups, technology, digital health and health care companies. The selected agency must adequately staff to fulfill the duties of this engagement. Proposals should include a proposed compensation structure.

  1. 2. Deliverables

The selected entity will be responsible for the following (but not limited to) deliverables which will belong to Life Boost Company DBA Tespo.

1. Media Relations

a. Media Inquiries

b. Production of Press Conferences

c. Print Media

d. Media Staffing

2. Broadcast

a. Local Morning TV shows

b. National Network and Cable News

c. Radio News and Talk

3. Publicity materials

a. Press Kits

4. Electronic and print

a. News Releases

b. Fact Sheets

5. Health Conferences

a. Provide suggested locations to attend health conferences

              b. Coordinate speaking opportunities for Ted Mills CEO


Proposal due by August 21.

Presentations conducted week of August 31

Contract awarded week of September 7

We would like to schedule a 1-hour introductory call with our CEO, Ted Mill in order to provide you with better background information on the company along with a demonstration of our unified platform.

Due Date:

August 21 2020


Louis Katsaros


46701 N Commerce Center Dr

Plymouth, MI  48170


Agencies worth considering for this assignment include Lippe Taylor and Hunter PR

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