Texas Health and Human Services Commission Issues Public Affairs RFP

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) on behalf of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) is seeking a full service marketing/advertising firm that has a range of capabilities and is qualified to assist DFPS in effectively communicating its important public safety and welfare messages to provide services for Public Awareness, Education and Communication Services (Services) in accordance with the specifications contained in this Request for Proposal (RFP).


Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) employees dedicate themselves to ensuring that Texans receive the benefits for which they are qualified. But we can only go so far. We rely on caring people in our local communities giving their time and talents to provide things the state does not, such as mentoring children and learning to manage their benefits. Age Well Live Well brings community leaders and citizens together to provide programs and resources that help Texans age and live their very best.

The Community Partners Program engages community organizations to help people learn to manage their benefits, including food, cash and medical assistance using the YourTexasBenefits website.

Faith- and Community-based Initiatives forges stronger ties between HHS and faith- and community-based organizations, which in turn strengthens the capacity of those organizations. The Office of Community Access and Services brings information about HHS services to their communities by helping organize community events and coordinate public meetings.

Scope of Work:

If the Respondent is awarded a contract for this RFP, it will be expected to be able to provide the following services based on DFPS needs in each specific Campaign Amendment.

                Account Management Services

  • Oversight and coordination of all services provided through this RFP’s resulting Contract and its                 Campaign Amendments.

                Campaign Development and Strategic Planning

  • Propose, develop and execute campaigns that include strategic planning, production, and implementation of multiple outreach materials and products, distribution strategies, and methods for measuring effectiveness.

                Strategic Communications

  • Develop and execute strategic marketing plans, including strategies and tactics for audiences who speak Spanish or other languages.

                Formative Research

  • Formative assessment to inform messaging, campaign planning and strategies, and baselines. Services include project design and analysis, developing discussion guides or survey instruments, sampling strategies, and executing focus groups, telephone surveys, one-on-one or intercept interviews, or other assessment tactics.

                Support External Research Activities

  • Collaborate with DFPS and market research firm(s) to identify, clearly define, and meet research needs and objectives. These activities may include reviewing survey instruments, discussing guides or questionnaires, preparing professional concepts or storyboards to test with members of the target audience, conducting formative marketing research, and assessments or applying research findings to overall communications and creative strategies.

                Creative Development of Advertisements

  • Develop ads with a strong call to action and measurable results. Document capabilities and experience to develop high-impact TV, radio, out of home, and digital advertising including mobile and social media.

                Media Buying/Planning – Television, Radio, Online, Mobile, Print & Out of Home

  • Reach target audiences by planning and negotiating for lowest possible price and bonus spots or added value from media properties.
  • Respondent must also document capabilities, experience, and results in securing no-cost PSA placements (tracked via SIGMA encoding) where applicable.

                Direct mail

  • Design and implement direct mail outreach.

                Social Media Design and Implementation

  • Develop or provide social media strategies and tactics, channel design, content development, and social media management, such as posting, monitoring, interacting or content calendars.

                Video Production

  • Develop accessible short- and long-form video, which may include training videos, animated videos, testimonial video, vignettes or teachable moments to advance a campaign goal.

                Graphic Design or Creative Art Direction

  • Production and direction of graphic design, layout, art, animation, set design, and other creative elements. Provides branding strategy, compliance, and integration of brand into campaigns.

                Collateral Materials

  • Develop collateral materials to support campaign strategies and messaging.


  • Develop appropriate copywriting for the each of the typical mediums used in a campaign, such as TV, video, website, print, e-mail, websites, social media and other deliverables.


  • Develop websites that meet Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA accessibility standards (or prevailing standards in the future) and help achieve campaign goals. Additional information on these requirements are found in Exhibit H – DFPS Accessibility Policy.

                Mobile or Interactive Development

  • Accessible online, interactive, and mobile tools or products, and their relevance to an integrated campaign.

                Grassroots outreach

  • Identify and recruit individuals and organizations that can help carry campaign messages into the community, which result in extending its reach.

                Public/Private Collaboration

  • Develop formal collaborations between public and private entities that benefit the DFPS’s mission, vision and values and the goals for specific Campaign Amendments.

                Promotional Event Planning

  • Develop and conduct community outreach campaigns or events, including situations where community partners are actively and effectively involved in the process or the strategy and contribute to success.

                Media Relations Support

  • Strategically advance a message or drive public response to an initiative or campaign through news media engagement.

Due Date:

February 7th, 2019.


Michele Rivers CTPM, CTCM, Purchaser III

1100 W 49th Street,

Austin, TX 78756

Agencies worth considering include Makovsky PR and Kwittken PR.

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