Mount Pleasant Waterworks Website Design and Development

Mount Pleasant Waterworks Website Design and Development


Mount Pleasant Waterworks is seeking to update its website ( to enhance the user experience, simplify content management, and provide streamlined information and customer service to its community, while meeting high standards for design quality and visual appeal.

MPW seeks the assistance of an experienced company that can accomplish all of the functionality identified in this RFP with the flexibility of providing this functionality over time, if needed due to budgetary constraints. MPW also seeks a company that has the capability of integrating additional features and functionality that may be identified in the future. The experienced company should have a team of experts who understand local government, to help us achieve our vision – all while providing 24/7/365 support.


Mount Pleasant is an affluent coastal community separated from Charleston, South Carolina, by the Cooper River. Over the last 20 years, Mount Pleasant has evolved from a small town of just over 6,000 residents to a largely affluent, professional, urban community with an estimated population of 84,000 people in 2016.


                Population – 84,215 Population density – 1,726 Median Age range – 39.3 Male/Female ratio –    0.9:1

                Married – 63%

                Families with kids under 18 – 48%

Scope of Work:

It in the intent to accomplish the following tasks:

                1. Evaluate the current website and provide a transition plan to implement a new website using a Content Management System (CMS) based application.

                2. Implement modules within the CMS that deliver specialized capabilities to improve MPW’s support to our citizens. (Water Outages module, Social Media Module, Calendar) (Water outage module- key component can pull live time outages from our PIPES system & display on a clean/sleek/ modern map interface or address water outages in a social media feed style ticker at bottom of page)

                3. Develop a customized, modern template for the website that includes a 100% responsive design so it can be displayed on any size device.

                4. Assist MPW with transition of content from the current website to the new website.

                5. Provide all hosting and security services for the new website.

                6. Provide training to administrators, department heads, and content managers.

Due Date:

June 13, 2019.


Mount Pleasant Waterworks

1619 Rifle Range Road

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Attention: Brian King

Relevant PR firms include Prosek partners and W2O group.

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