Colorado City Issues Digital Media RFP

Colorado City Issues Digital Media RFP

The city of Northglenn, CO is seeking a digital media agency to update its website to enhance the user experience, simplify content management, and provide better information and customer service to the community, while meeting high standards for design quality and visual appeal.

The city of Northglenn is a municipality of approximately 37,000 residents, located 13 miles north of Denver in the metro area. The web redesign is just one of several new initiatives in the city. Re-branding for the city, a Civic Center Master Plan, a new Justice Center being built that will house the police department and courts, and several new festivals are all in response to the goals of the 2014 Strategic Plan whose theme was, “Vitalization.”

The existing website launched in September of 2011 at, and currently has 2,692 pages. Content of the site is primarily basic information about city services, events, and news. Google Analytics indicates 265,000 sessions during 2015, and 190,000 to date in 2016.

The objective is to complete a redesign of the city’s external website that is tailored for Northglenn’s needs, looks professional, and uniformly represents the quality and character of the city of Northglenn in its interactions with residents, guests and other visitors.

The city is pursuing this redesign in order to provide a website that presents Northglenn as a vibrant, modern city.

The redesigned site will:

  1. Provide or improve on features available on the current site, along with various new features described in the Scope of Services.
  2. Be easy to navigate for visitors, visually appealing and is both desktop and mobile friendly.
  3. Be accessible to a wide range of visitors, both in terms of formal accessibility requirements and in terms of accommodating a wide range of visitors.
  4. Be updated with relative ease by staff
  5. Be extensible and adaptable to changes in technology
  6. Utilizes the Drupal open source content management system version 7 or 8 (version 8 is preferred)
  7. Function as an effective communications and marketing tool highlighting city news, events, functions and services
  8. Incorporate third-party online services such as email subscription services and social media.

Proposal due by Oct 7th, 2016 to:

City of Northglenn

Communications Department

11701 Community Center Drive

Northglenn, CO 80233


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