Louisiana Department of Tourism Issues Public Relations RFP

Louisiana Tourism Issues Marketing & Advertising RFP

The Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism (“DCRT”) has issued a wide-ranging RFP for a PR firm. The mission of the Programs and Services Section of the Office of Tourism is to oversee advertising and publicity for the tourism assets of the state of Louisiana; to design, produce and distribute advertising materials in all media; and to reach as many potential tourists as possible with an invitation to visit Louisiana.

The scope has three primary components:

Component 1: Creative/Marketing/Media/Brand Identity

Component 2: Public Relations

Component 3: Internet/Social Media/Digital Marketing



Component 1, Creative/Marketing/Media/Brand Identity: Development and implementation of a comprehensive, research-based Marketing and Communications Plan/campaign strategically designed to achieve the marketing objectives of the State. The plan shall integrate advertising, public relations, niche marketing strategies, internet-based marketing, product development, sponsorships, promotions, industry sales, brand development, account management services and any other approved initiatives.

Component 2, Public Relations: Perform services that support the development and implementation of a research-based strategic Public Relations Plan for the State, while performing related account management services. The Public Relations Plan shall be developed, integrated and implemented in coordination with the development and implementation of the overall plan/campaign and shall support the plan/campaign.

Component 3, Internet/Social Media/Digital Marketing: Development and implementation of the State’s Internet/Social Media/Digital Marketing plan that supports and/or complements the overall plan/campaign. Includes: website development and/or enhancements; customer acquisition and email retention campaigns; multimedia presentations and account management services.

Proposal due by Oct 6th, 2016 to:

Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism

Office of Tourism Capitol Annex, Third Floor

1051 N. Third St.

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

P.O. Box 94291 Baton Rouge, LA 70804

(225) 342-8100

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