The Bradford Group: PR Firm Profile

The Bradford Group is a world leader in direct marketing and a provider of limited-edition gifts, collectibles, home décor, and jewelry. The company was founded in 1973 and strives to provide excellent quality of all products it offers, along with exceptional customer service. It’s those two ingredients that have helped the Bradford Group to become one of the top direct marketing companies in the modern world.

The company was founded by J. Roderick MacArthur, who was an independent and innovative leader as well as a marketing expert. MacArthur anticipated the need for a centralized collector-plate market, which is why he started importing decorative plates from across the ocean and selling them to various collectors, dealers, and distributors, through his company. Eventually, the company expanded and became a recognized leader in new product development and sales of collectibles and gifts.

Some of the products that the Bradford Group sells these days include apparel, jewelry, music boxes, dolls, holiday ornaments, architectural villages, home decor, books, coins, figurines, personal banking checks and much more. And aside from its headquarters in Niles, Illinois, it also expanded with offices in Florida, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Additionally, the Bradford Group has dual-core competencies – those include both marketing as well as product development, and both of them are critical to the success of the business. The company has both marketing as well as product development experts on board who are in charge of creating new products, marketing and then selling those products to customers.

Starting with the product development aspect of the business, the experts are very passionate about creating new products that customers will find appealing as well as affordable. The experts have a unique balance of analytical as well as creative abilities and are always researching and expanding upon their knowledge about the current market trends. That way, they can develop new product concepts and create something that’s truly special and unique for the customers.

Next, the marketing teams that the Bradford Group have a great amount of knowledge about sophisticated segmentation techniques, expert analysis as well as creative strategies. All of these skills help the company truly optimize each and every product promotion.

Some of the marketing channels that the Bradford Group uses include direct mail, space, catalog and alternative media, search engine optimization, affiliates and portals, social media and many others. Thanks to those two aspects of the business at the Bradford Group, the company has established many well-known businesses.

Those businesses include the Ashton-Drake Galleries, the Bradford Exchange Holiday Decor, the Bradford Exchange Apparel and Accessories, the Bradford Exchange Jewelry, the Bradford Exchange Mint, the Bradford Exchange Press as well as the Hamilton Collection, among many.

The Bradford Group, as well as the sister company Hammacher Schlemmer, are owned by the company’s employees. The success of the companies means the success of the employees as well.

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