The Moodsters Gives Kids Toolkit for How to Manage Their Emotions

The Moodsters

It’s a tough ride for kids. They’re barely out of the womb a few years when they have to start to deal with an emotional terrain that they don’t quite understand. It can make what is a very delicate period for parents even more problematic. But now there’s a road map for kids to get a better handle on the emotional landscape they confront, thanks to The Moodsters.

The brand, which was developed by Denise Daniels, CEO and founder of Jelly Jam Entertainment, provides tools and resources needed to help children learn the fundamentals of feelings during their developmental stage.

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The Moodsters help kids via a quintet of impossibly cute detectives, who cater to different aspects of childhood. “Snorf,” for example, teaches kids that a good cry can make them feel better, while “Razzy” shows kids how to control their anger and “Quigly” demonstrates to youngsters how they can overcome their shyness.

In addition to the various “Moodsters,” Jelly Jam also offers several educational toys and books. These products included Moodster Mirror, which helps kids make the connection between feelings on the inside and facial expressions on the outside. Here’s how it works: Kids make a happy, sad, angry, scared, or loving face into the Moodster Mirror, and they are able to see what these feelings look like to others. By turning the dial, kids select the matching Moodster to hear the character’s wisdom about that particular feeling, which will help kids recognize their own emotions and non-verbal cues.

Another product is designed to get rid of the afraid-in-the-dark syndrome that many kids suffer from. Feelings Flashlight points the light toward the ceiling or a wall, and the Moodsters magically appear, offering wisdom and humor for every emotion.

And, of course, the brand portfolio wouldn’t be complete without some strictly digital tools. Both Memory Match Game and Coloring Downloads are online games that reinforce the brand values: How kids can solve the early mysteries of feelings and emotion.

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