Top Male Influencer Channels for April 2017

Top Male Influencer Channels for April 2017

GroupHigh released their top male influencer channels this month – here are some of the results organized by the total reach of the channels listed:

Top Five Channels

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site ( is in the number one spot with a total reach of nearly 3.3 million and a Moz rating of 6.43. Matt’s blog deals with topics such as travel tips and advice, travel gear, female travel, and random thoughts.

In the number two spot, Men’s Journal Health Adventure Gear Style ( with a total reach of over 3.1 million and a 6.68 Moz rating. It’s on two ad networks: Amazon Associates and

Third is Fashion Blogger Bryanboy (, which has over 2.2 million total reach and a 6.33 Moz rating. Blog posts cover topics about fashion, fashion shows, livestream, and Valentino.

Men’s Fashion Tips and Men’s Style Guide FashionBeans ( is in fourth place with over 2.13 million total reach and a 6.37 Moz rating. They are affiliated with two ad networks: AdSense and DoubleClick, and their blogs are about men’s fashion look books, men’s style, aw16, and ss16

Rounding out the top five is Gear Patrol: The Spirit of Adventure ( with almost 1.75 million total reach and a Moz rating of 6.5. They are connected to three ad networks: Amazon Associates, SkimLinks, and DoubleClick.

The Rest of the Top 10 Channels

  1.  Joe’s Daily (, total reach over 962K , Moz 5.07. Blog topics cover, food, drink, style, tech, travel, and entertainment.
  2. Man Made DIY Crafts for Men (, total reach almost 900K, Moz 5.34. Information about DIY and crafts that are more geared to men.
  3. Jay Strut (, total reach almost 839K, Mox 4.91. Blog topics include fashion, beauty, travel, travel diaries, and the story of my life.
  4. ITS Tactical (, total reach nearly 700K, Moz 5.26. Podcasts about tactical, information, and gear for imminent threat solutions (preppers).
  5. Expert Vagabond (, total reach almost 470K, Moz 5.52. Covers adventure, Mexico, video, travel tips, and miscellaneous.

Rounding out the Top 25 Channels in Descending Order

  1. He Spoke Style (
  2. Buckets Spades Men’s Fashion Design and Lifestyle Blog (
  3. Imdrewscott Menswear Lifestyle (
  4. Geek Dad (
  5. Dappered Affordable Men’s Style (
  6. Ben Greenfield Fitness Diet Fat Loss and Performance Advice(
  7. The Aspiring Gentleman (
  8. Billy Parisi ( Doin’ Work (
  9. Galluks Mens Fashion Blogger (YouTuber) (
  10. A Continuous Lean (
  11. Effortless Gent An Honest Approach to Personal Style (
  12. Yummertime (
  13. Franko Dean Street Fashioin Lifestyle Blogger (
  14. Talking with Tommy – Tommy DiDario Travel Style Health Fitness Grooming and Thoughts (

There are another 45 listed.

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